Every restaurant serves food; great restaurants create experiences

By : Ray Gibson

April 13, 2017 12:00 PM


The winds of consumer self-service ordering in restaurants has shifted and gained momentum in the last 12 months. What was once thought of as a new way to reach the millennial audience has morphed into an opportunity for restaurants to engage a guest in a new way. A more convenient way. A skip the line and get my food fast, fresh and hot kind of way.


As consumers, we’ve been using these devices for years. At an ATM to get cash, or at an airline counter to get a boarding pass. But restaurants are now able to join the revolution. Guest satisfaction skyrockets as the order is actually made the EXACT way they wanted. “Yes, I said I want a triple serving of jalapenos AND guacamole on my medium rare burger. Oh, and add a milk shake!” Now just press a few buttons and it’s guaranteed.


NCR is a leader in self check-out. We intend to leverage this position in hospitality and help in restaurant transformation. Every restaurant serves food; great restaurants create experiencesConsumer self-ordering helps to do just that.

Ray Gibson

Hospitality Solution Manager

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Ray started his working career in restaurants and spent years on the operational side of the business. Since joining NCR he has created products and solutions that have helped restaurants secure their data, view restaurant vitals via a smartphone and craft restaurant consumer experiences through web and mobile apps. Today he is the Solution manager for NCR Hospitably focusing on global consumer engagement solutions. CSO is one of his solution areas.