You Can Rain on Our Parade, We Will Just Float

By : Debra Bronder

November 08, 2019 08:00 AM

More than 100 NCR employees, friends and family joined the inaugural NCR Float at the 2019 Atlanta Pride Parade


Here at NCR, we celebrated the 49th annual Atlanta Pride Parade in a major way. More than 100 NCR employees and our friends took to the streets near our Global Headquarters to march alongside the inaugural NCR float to celebrate our LGBTQIA community.


I am incredibly proud of the hard work our culture group, United, put in to make this year’s parade a success. As our float said, we are OneNCR – each of our employees bring something great to our organization, but we come together to be one strong team. 





Tim Vanderham, CTO and SVP of Software Services, Wyatt Bazrod, IT Analyst, Holly St. George, Business Operations Consultant, and Alaina Church, Hardware Engineer, joined us for the first time in this year’s parade, and Emily Schwarz, Social Media Lead, was a return marcher. Thanks to these five for sharing their experience of the day.


Tim Vanderham: “For me, it was great to see the energy and excitement from NCR employees, their family, friends and our local community. I was super happy to be there and support them because I know how important it is that we have a diverse, inclusive culture at NCR. Being on the float, dancing and handing out swag immersed me in the spirit of the event.


Our say-to-do ratio was on display for our employees, our local Atlanta community and the greater public, making it clear that we are inclusive. I want every one of our 34,000 employees across the world to have the same feeling of comfort and freedom to be themselves.


NCR’s challenge moving forward is to be consistent and global in our inclusive spirit. We have to continue embracing this notion of belonging, not only during Pride week, but every day throughout the year. We also have to ensure this same kind of culture and sentiment is permeating our other office locations across the world. I am excited to continue cultivating and protecting this aspect of NCR culture by being an executive sponsor for United. I plan to amplify their voices and represent their interests within our company.”





Alaina Church: “This time last year I was just starting the process to come out at NCR. I was extremely nervous about it, but the response I got was so accepting and supportive that it absolutely amazed me.


I knew then that I would be marching with NCR in the 2019 parade. It was important to me that I help NCR support the Atlanta LGBTQ community the same way NCR supported me personally. That so many of my coworkers endured the rain waiting to do the same…it tells me that I’m working at a special place. I can’t wait to do it again next year.”


Emily Schwarz: “I chose to participate in the Atlanta Pride Parade with NCR for a second year because it’s important to me as a leader to show my colleagues that I support them and that I believe in an inclusive workplace.


Everyone should feel comfortable being who they are at work, but sadly, so many people still don’t feel able to because of histories of exclusion and unchanging workplace cultures. I believe it’s important to take a stand as a leader and as a person when the topic is equity for all. And I am proud that Atlanta Pride is part of #NCRLife.”


Holly St. George: “What was most meaningful to me were the children we interacted with and the resounding voice of hope that I experienced all along the parade route. That day, we were all ONE in unity with our community.


I was excited to see so much support from the NCR leadership team and have them participate in an amazing day of celebrating diversity. It’s important for me to feel that our company is engaged in a unifying environment that puts inclusiveness at the forefront of our culture.


NCR having a presence in the parade shows our communities that we stand with them as an organization. I love the fact that both our personal and professional lives can cross paths, allowing us to show off our NCR culture and people.”



Wyatt Bazrod: “At the heart of Pride weekend is a culture that should feel familiar to any NCR employee. It’s a weekend that celebrates embracing respect for others, supporting all individuals and standing with courage to live out the values we hold.


Having never openly marched in a Pride parade before, it offered me both a personal experience as well as an external validation of the inclusive culture NCR extends to all of their employees.


Even more so, it was an opportunity to celebrate our similarities rather than pointing to our differences. As shown that rainy Sunday afternoon, it isn’t about what you look like or who you love, but about extending kindness. …And about who can dance to Lizzo the best. (By no small margin, that would be me).”


There is no doubt that NCR’s engagement in our local community and our support of our global staff has deep impact. We’re proud to be OneNCR.



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Debra Bronder

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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Debra leads NCR’s people, culture and change initiatives to support NCR’s transformation to a software and services-led business. Debra has significant experience leading Human Resources for high growth, global companies and implementing innovative business and people strategies.