Making a Mark in HR: NCR’s Julie Betts Recognized as Game Changer by Workforce

August 02, 2018 12:00 PM

What does it mean to be a game changer? Sharing her thoughts on the topic is Julie Betts, HR Director on the Talent Development team. She was named one of the top 25 Workforce Game Changers for 2018 for her innovative efforts in making an impact on the present and future of the HR profession.

Congratulations on your recognition, Julie! In your opinion, what traits do you think someone has to have to truly be a game changer?

Julie: Thank you! I was truly honored—and surprised—to receive this award and I sincerely appreciate that my team took the time to submit my name for consideration. I think that people need to embrace three key things in order to really make a difference in whatever they are doing. They must be proactive, resourceful, and innovative.


Can you dig a little deeper into each of those areas?


Julie: Of course! By proactive, I mean that someone can see the need, issue, or concern before it even happens, and go after it to find resolution. Resourceful means that someone can understand the internal ecosystem within an organization and be able to successfully navigate it to get things done. And finally, to be innovative, someone should provide solutions that are on-trend, just-in-time, and delivered in a way that is considered cutting-edge and meets customer demands. Sometimes this means you must think outside of the box, look beyond what is immediately obvious, and truly push yourself!

These characteristics are paramount to being a Game Changer, along with a little bit of ‘rollin up your sleeves’ and jumping in to get the job done. Strategy is, of course, critical, but there is a time and place where you must deep dive into the tactics of a program or initiative in order to get the work done and drive it across the finish line! 


Those are great insights that everyone can use in their daily lives. How do you applythese within your own role?

Julie: For me, as a learning leader, one of the core principles I live by is that I never ask my team to do something I am not willing to do myself! We are a small but mighty team, and we all have to roll up our sleeves, as it truly does take a village to drive an initiative to a successful execution.


I think if you are always striving for greatness, you hold yourself to a higher set of expectations and you are accountable, all while facilitating your work in a very humble and appreciative way, you can’t help but be successful!

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