Video: The NCR Vision for Omni-Channel Commerce

November 07, 2016 02:00 PM

It began with a single channel - a simple cash transaction for an exchange of goods. Checks, credit, and debit cards converted single channels into cross-channels. The invention of the Internet moved transactions to online and mobile channels, evolving into multi-channel commerce. Multi-channel quickly grew into omni-channel as businesses developed seamless experiences across ALL channels to meet the demands of the tech-savvy consumers. Omni-Channel Software, Channel Transformation, and Digital Enablement are now a strategic, end-to-end offers and horizontal opportunities across all industries, in every geography, and for all tiers of customers. NCR has a big role in shaping and enabling digitally integrated businesses and powering the digital economy for our customers.


The future of digital commerce lies in these end-to-end Omni-Channel solutions. To help our clients and their customers better understand the endless possibilities that Omni-Channel provides, the Software group has created the following video, which can now be shared publicly for the first time. Market research shows that 85 percent of online shoppers start their purchase process on one device and finish it on another, this shows the importance of Omni-Channel.

As consumers grow ever more connected and mobile, so too must the transactions that power their everyday lives. The platforms used to conduct business, shop, travel, and bank are growing smaller, faster and moving from pockets to wrists to faces and beyond. These platforms are connected in real-time across the vast expanses of Mobile and the Internet of Things.


While ever growing connectivity might appear to make the world more complicated, the opposite is true in the world of Omni-Channel. NCR is taking the hassle and friction out of nearly every consumer experience from managing a bank account to seeing your favorite band.


Via our ticket buying platform, a fan will never forget their tickets again, which can be accessed from almost anywhere, at any time. They can prepay for parking and keep the receipt right on their watch or phone. Tech-savvy consumers can skip the lines, save time, and never get lost again using Wayfinder and other NCR software solutions. This increased convenience will encourage consumers to spend more at their favorite places, shops, and venues.


Meanwhile, Omni-Channel solutions powered by big data and analytical insights will enable businesses small and large to connect with consumers via more powerful, effective marketing tactics. Driving sales and brand loyalty by promoting more desirable products and services to consumers when, where and how they will be most receptive to the offerings.


The digitally connected economy is just starting to be defined. NCR is committed to helping our clients through their digital transformation by providing the solutions and platforms they will need to keep pace with ever-changing consumer demands.