Training NCR’s newest iNCRedibles: Our story has just begun

September 12, 2018 12:00 PM

Picture this: You’ve just been hired by the iNCRedible Sales organization – you’re excited to start – but you need some help to understand the business and figure out how to be successful in your new role. This is where the John H. Patterson Global Sales Academy comes in!


Named in honor of NCR’s founder, who established the world’s first sales training school in 1893 and is known as the founder of modern sales training, the John H. Patterson Global Sales Academy was established to develop a world-class sales learning program and equip participants to deliver iNCRedible customer experiences and drive success for our customers and for NCR.


Its inaugural training program consisted of a week-long immersion training course for 63 newly-hired employees from around the world last month.


Hosted in NCR’s award-winning Global Headquarters Campus in Midtown Atlanta, the program provided new employees with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to be successful. Dan Campbell, Executive Vice President of NCR Global Sales, welcomed the participants, along with industry Sales leaders David Wilkinson, Sandy Preizler and Frank Hauck. Attendees also had an opportunity to hear from NCR leaders Paul Langenbahn (EVP, NCR Commerce), Dirk Izzo (SVP, Industry Solutions Group) and Mithu Bhargava (SVP, Professional Services). Throughout the week, the new hires were provided with comprehensive training around NCR’s solutions and learned about our strategy, sales methodology and processes.


Feedback has been iNCRedible! But don’t just take our word for it - below, two participants relate their experiences:


Samuel Moses (Retail Sales, Arkansas, U.S.):


Throughout the week, we received a deep review of many aspects of NCR, including product solutions and services, access to the Global Sales Executive Team, sales training and so much more. One of my favorite sessions was on day one when several members of the Executive Team shared keys to building a successful career. During this session, David Wilkinson spoke about three questions that you should ask yourself when you complete an assignment: “Is this your best work?”, “Are you proud of the work?”, and “If applicable, can the work completed go two levels above in the organization without being touched?”


The best part of the week was the opportunity to network with and learn from other INCRedibles. I completed the Global Sales Academy well prepared to build and execute innovative plans that will grow our business and accelerate customer success.” 


Karam El Assaad, (Channel Account Manager, Lebanon):


“This week-long learning experience was an exceptional journey throughout which we had the chance to connect with our peers – with no distinction grounded on rank or hierarchy– and exchange ideas, stories and – most significantly - moments.


It was a pleasant surprise to have the chance to get in touch with Dan and the Leadership Team. Interacting with them and watching them engage with others was, in and of itself, a lesson in the art of selling and communicating.


Such corporate-wide initiatives are an immersive way to deeply tap into the potential of individuals by opening our eyes to NCR’s reach and its rich history.


And grasping the immense scale of NCR and its raison d'être is vital to our jobs. The main takeaway of this training at the HQ, in my opinion, was the importance of selling a story. Whether it’s your first interaction with a bank, your final pitch to a C-level, or taking on technical questions with your Pre-Sales peer, you must always sell a story. And our story has just begun.”


Following this successful start, the John H. Patterson Global Sales Academy will run the next immersion training course in November.


Go, iNCRedibles!