NCR Marches in Atlanta Pride Parade for First Time

By : Debra Bronder

October 24, 2018 12:00 PM

More than 150 NCR employees, friends and family participated in the 48th Annual Atlanta Pride Parade 




On Sunday, October 14, more than 150 NCR employees, friends and family marched behind the NCR name in the Atlanta Pride Parade, the 48th annual, city-wide celebration of Atlanta’s large LGBTQ community. About 300,000 people attended the parade and festival – one of the longest-running Pride Parades in the United States.


To have so many of our Atlanta-based employees represent NCR during this celebration is representation of our inclusiveness as a company and our diversity as an employer, and I was happy to see so many of our employees representing NCR proudly on this celebratory day.


Nick Scorzafava, Sales Operations Support Manager, Payal Aulakh, HR Senior Specialist, and KC Martin, HR Senior Specialist, shared their experiences of marching in the Parade:


Nick: It has been an experience to watch how this city has changed since I moved here in 1997 and has become a beacon and home for minorities throughout the south. NCR is no different. I have watched and participated in the company’s determination to promote its initiative for diversity and inclusion through the multiple efforts that are going on to show that NCR is more than a campus. 


In fact, when NCR decided to build its global campus in Midtown Atlanta, all I could think was, “We are moving into the epicenter of important events that have shaped the city of Atlanta and the United States.” NCR embraced this spirit and made it possible for employees to participate – without reservation – in the various neighborhood activities to build relationships outside of the building. It serves as a springboard to engage with the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, local universities and their student groups, the association of Out STEM professionals, and the various other associations that promote minority experience and expertise in a multitude of other disciplines that benefit NCR.


As the city gathered to celebrate Atlanta’s Pride Parade, I noticed the brands that were surrounding us. They consisted of our customers and our vendors and it proved to me that NCR was there to say, “We are with you.” With each step we took, I noticed how people were associating the people that they were seeing in the parade with the new building a few blocks away. 


I have always had the belief that happy employees are productive employees and diverse employees are innovative employees. If you were to combine these activities and efforts, it would be easy for people to believe that we are a great place to work.


Payal: This is the first year NCR employees have marched together in the Atlanta Pride Parade behind the NCR logo. A momentous occasion in itself, it meant even more that the parade ran through our new neighborhood of Midtown Atlanta and the community of our new Global Headquarters. The smiles on everyone’s faces the morning we gathered was so fulfilling to observe – a visual understanding that LGBTQ employees and allies are accepted and respected. I am extremely lucky to work for such a diverse and inclusive company, amongst leaders who fully support NCR’s involvement in the Parade. We are all in this together, and "together is easier."


KC: When I started at NCR six months ago, one of the first things I asked was, “Are we walking in Pride?” When I found out that we were, I was proud to be joining a company that truly celebrated all its team members – and proud to be part of the first group to participate. 


There was something remarkable the morning of the parade. As I observed associates and family members gathering in the employee lobby, I was delighted to see a new community forming. Even long-tenured associates were making new connections — it was just so refreshing.


My favorite part was hearing the applause as our NCR Pride banner was opened up for the first time. Personally, it was a moment of true pride in both who I am and in the organization I belong to. I am sure for others it may have even been more overwhelming. I luckily belong to a generation where LGBTQ acceptance is more mainstream, but I know there were people standing around me remembering a time when being “outed” would cost you your job. 


On this day, marching in the Atlanta Pride Parade with my coworkers, was historic to me because NCR became more than just a part of the Atlanta skyline, we became a part of the Atlanta community. I believe this day will be a catalyst to a stronger brand awareness, which will help drive talented individuals to consider NCR as an organization where they can find success. I can tell you already the excitement around the parade has increased employee engagement by helping us relaunch LEAGUE and reconnect our NCR family. 


See more photos on NCR’s Instagram account.   




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