NCR Makes WayUp’s 2019 Top 100 Internship Program List

By : Tony Burdett

National recognition and a world-class internship experience helped us achieve a record-breaking 2018-2019 university recruiting year




This year was a record-breaking year for NCR’s summer internship program thanks to our iNCRedible University Relations team. In the 2018-2019 school year, we:

  • Received recognition from several local schools as a premier employer, including Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and University of Georgia
  • Onboarded 230+ interns and 210+ new university hires
  • Increased summer internship program enrollment by 72%
  • Ended the summer with our annual Intern Expo, which featured 155 team and individual projects
  • Made the list of top 100 internship programs of 2019 by WayUp
  • Experienced the privilege of seeing our University Relations Manager, Tony Burdett, voted a finalist for the National Association of Colleges and Employers Members’ Choice Award


Along with growing our brand equity and the number of interns and university hires at NCR, we work hard to ensure our program has a lasting impact on the personal and professional development of hundreds of college students. We set out to create a meaningful experience for students that would set them up for a lifetime of exciting career opportunities. Our focus is on developing relationships on campus, providing career growth opportunities and supporting students in developing their interests and passions. The results speak for themselves.


When students are accepted to be a part of NCR’s 12-week summer internship, they become an integral part of their assigned team. Interns are given meaningful work where they have real impact on projects and day-to-day operations. At the end of the summer, they get the opportunity to present what they’ve learned and accomplished to everyone at our Atlanta-based headquarters at our annual NCR Intern Expo.



2019 NCR summer interns showcasing their project at the end of the program during the annual Intern Expo. Mike Hayford, CEO (L), and Tim Vanderham, SVP, Chief Technology Officer (R), engage with the students to hear more about their work.



Interns also get opportunities to explore Atlanta outside of work and experience all #NCRLife has to offer. They engage with leadership, receive mentorship, volunteer their time in the community and build lasting connections over the course of the summer.





As a result of NCR’s collective investment and the support of the executive leadership team, the internship experience at NCR is reaching new heights. We’ve been listed by WayUP as one of the Top 100 Internship Programs in the U.S. This achievement is the direct result of interns voting on their experience and the impact of NCR’s program on university job offers and acceptance rates. We were named one of the top 25 employers by the University of Georgia for the class of 2018. And this year, our University Relations Manager, Tony Burdett, was named a finalist for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Members’ Choice Award, based on his innovative and exemplary approach to university relations.


While external accolades are always appreciated, the key metric we care about is our internship experience rating. To gather a net promoter score (NPS), we asked our 2019 interns if they would recommend the NCR internship program to a friend. The resulting NPS was a world-class, 73.94 from 2019 summer internship participants! 




Bill VanCuren, SVP, Chief Information Officer, stops for a photo with NCR 2019 summer interns during the Intern Expo.


“This summer I had the privilege of interning at NCR in the Convenience Fuel and Retail department as a Software Engineering Intern. My project consisted of working on automation techniques to help my team save time with testing. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to participate in a hackathon, present my project to the CTO, Tim Vanderham, at an expo, meet all the #iNCRedible people at NCR and truly learn how to live my best #NCRlife. I am so grateful I got to spend my summer at NCR and I’m excited for the future!” – Shivani Nanda, University of Georgia


Our university hires have dramatically increased as a result of our internship and university recruiting programs. This year we hired over 445 college students and recent graduates to internships and full-time jobs. That’s nearly as many as the last three years combined!


Thank you to the University Relations team for recruiting great talent and creating an unforgettable internship experience. If you’re a college student or recent graduate, follow #NCRLife for more stories and career opportunities. 



The North America University Recruitment team (L-R): Tony Burdett, Jessica Curtis, Jamie Faver, Maggie Tibbetts, Eduardo Mares.



“I've shared many memorable experiences with my fellow interns over the summer and it wouldn't have been possible without NCR's extraordinary work culture and recruitment program. I'll be missing my team and my intern family so much in this coming year, but I'm so grateful to have shared this summer with them.” – Eric Yan, Georgia Institute of Technology




Tony Burdett

Tony Burdett

University Relations Recruiting Lead

Tony is responsible for leading NCR Corporation's University Relations Recruitment.