NCR extends our care and concern to those affected by recent hurricanes

September 14, 2017 04:00 AM

Visit or call 1-800-CALL-NCR.


NCR extends our care and concern to everyone affected by recent hurricanes, and we recognize that you may face challenges in recovering from these devastating storms. NCR is committed to helping our customers get back to business as quickly as possible, so you can serve your customers and help their recovery efforts, as well.


Whether you need to replace a point of sale, an ATM damaged in the storms, or set up shop in a temporary location, we hope that our efforts will help get businesses up and running as quickly as possible.


If your business is or was affected by a hurricane, here are some initial steps to follow:

  • Do not power up your equipment! Please exercise extreme caution when handling any equipment at your sites. Do not attempt to power-on any equipment that may have sustained water damage. These devices may even start and run fine at first, but the corrosive impact of flooding invariably destroy the circuits, which can lead to malfunctions later. NOTE: Powering up a flood-damaged machine may prevent you from reclaiming a new machine from insurance.
  • Assess equipment condition. If you have equipment under an NCR service contract that has been affected or damaged, contact your NCR representative or partner to assess the condition of your equipment and set a plan for recovery.
  • Confirm loss. Call NCR and we can confirm in writing that your devices are a total loss after an inspection. That will help with your insurance claim(s). From what we have seen, if one unit has experienced flooding other terminals within the same location will also experience total loss.
  • Assess and secure your cash. Thieves look for any opportunity to exploit natural disasters. You may need to contact a locksmith for access to your ATM. The cash inside may be ruined, but collect it and store it in a safe location.


NCR is also offering the following resources to customers:


Interim POS. If you need to serve customers immediately, our cloud-based POS solution, NCR Silver, can help you manage your business while your permanent POS solution is being ordered.


Site Survey. You can take advantage of our Site Assessment and Preparations services “Site Survey” to record damage and plan the best recovery strategy.


ATM Replacement/Relocation. We will rapidly replace high-volume/high-value ATMs that are inoperable with a functional or mobile unit and/or will relocate an existing ATM unit from one location to another affected by the storms, and have several flexible financing options in place to assist you. We have aligned people, parts and inventory to enable us to rapidly replace high volume ATM units that are inoperable.


In addition to programs for our customers, the NCR Foundation has committed to supporting the American Red Cross to deliver food and supplies to victims of these storms through our employee-matching donation program.


If you have equipment under an NCR service contract that has been affected or damaged as a result of the recent hurricanes and need our help, please reach out to our special response team at or call 1-800-CALL-NCR.