NCR awarded First Place for Best Global / International Leadership Program at 2019 LEAD Awards

By : Debra Bronder

May 23, 2019 12:00 PM

Through an award-winning Management Fundamental program, NCR managers are supported and encouraged to create engaged, successful teams


At NCR, the talent development team is always discussing engagement and improvement: “How can we help our employees be more sucessful? How can we create a more engaged workforce? How can we improve our culture? How do we tie our employees’ work more directly to customer success?” 


So much of what we talk about in leadership meetings today – both in human resources and with business leaders – revolve around these questions. There is no denying the fact that the more sucessful and engaged our employees are, the more our company culture thrives and the easier it is to attract and retain top talent, the more successful our business will be.


I believe the role of a manager is an essential link to answering these questions. Educated managers help create engaged, informed people who understand priorities and goals, which in turn improves the company culture and helps keep all employees focused on the same thing: the customer.  And we all know that when our customers are successful, we are successful. 


Managers must not only create a stable, consistent and motivational work environment for their teams to thrive, they are also responsible for planning, organizing, and orchestrating a multitude of tasks so they can effectively lead their teams. It’s not an easy job, yet it is an incredibly rewarding one.


Recognizing the importance of this role and the many duties managers must fulfill, we set out to find a way to better support our managers at NCR – and thus was born our Management Fundamentals program.  


Our Management Fundamentals program is a two-week, self-paced curriculum that walks managers through the fundamental tools and processes necessary to successfully manage and lead a team. Participants are able to gain a deeper understanding of the company structure, strategy, and culture. The course also covers the importance of people in the organization and how to lead your people throughout the full employee lifecycle: from recruiting for a position to employee offboarding – and everything in between.


I am proud to be able to say that this year NCR was awarded 1st place in the Best Global / International Leadership Program category for our Management Fundamentals program at the 2019 LEAD Awards.


For more than 35 years the prestigious LEAD Awards, formerly known as Leadership Excellence Awards, have identified and recognized the world's top leadership practitioners and programs, highlighting the innovative ways they are developing their most important asset - their people.  


“It was a true honor to be recognized for our Management Fundamentals program. We put a great deal of time, research, and energy into creating a unique program that addresses the core needs of our managers. When we get the fundamentals right for our leaders, it sets them up to not only succeed, but to excel. They grow and inspire those around them when they are equipped with the right tools,” says Christine Belknap, VP of Talent Development.


“The innovative virtual learning concept of the Management Fundamentals course provided an opportunity to build, interact and create working relationships globally. It is a great reinforcement of management best practices supplemented by practices that guided them through an inventory of their own skills, while also giving new managers a guidebook for their future. We saw the biggest impact on our new managers in how they conduct themselves and manage their teams.”


Linda Sherman

VP Global Sales Operations 


This is just another way #NCRLife is LEADing the future – for our employees and our customers. 





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Debra Bronder

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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Debra leads NCR’s people, culture and change initiatives to support NCR’s transformation to a software and services-led business. Debra has significant experience leading Human Resources for high growth, global companies and implementing innovative business and people strategies.