Enabling Digital Banking Innovation

October 01, 2019 08:00 AM

According to Business Insider, 48 percent of banking executives believe new technologies like AI will have a significant impact on banking in 2020 and beyond. So how do banks and credit unions identify and utilize these new technologies to better serve their customers?


We gathered nearly 600 community bankers, credit union leaders and fintech partners in Atlanta to discuss just that.


I was thrilled to host our annual Innovation Conference in Atlanta, home to our global headquarters. The conference was an exciting opportunity for our clients to get a peek at what goes on behind the curtain at NCR every day — innovation, testing and rapid deployments that are taking bank digital technologies to the next level.


I’m really proud that NCR is at the forefront of innovative technologies in the financial industry. During the conference, we placed a spotlight on several of these technologies, showing how we can help credit unions and banks enable their digital strategy to and meet the needs of consumer and business clients, including:

  • AI-driven smart receipt capture technologies that allow customers to store, organize and manage their receipts.
  • Conversational banking solutions, like chatbots and voice-command banking, that make customer service much more efficient for any financial institution.
  • Targeted, in-app messaging and geofencing technology that help banks reach customers with personalized messaging based on interests and location.


During the conference, NCR clients also shared their successes for enhancing the digital experience. I was fascinated to hear case study examples of geofence digital marketing campaigns, digital transformation in action, new experience groups, digital staff onboarding, digital business banking and much more.


A big thanks to our conference attendees and my NCR colleagues for making the 2019 Innovation Conference a success. Your more than 100% engagement over the week inspired all of us to keep pushing the limits so we all thrive with digital.