Digital connectivity helps businesses level up on customer service – part 2

By : Bob Tramontano

March 16, 2020 08:00 AM

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Digital connectivity benefits consumers and brands alike.


For consumers, it means being able to find businesses, browse and compare items, customize their selections, order online and pay using a mobile device—seamlessly and without knowing or caring how the technology works.


By being digitally connected, businesses can accept online or mobile purchases and payments, respond quickly to complaints, manage dozens of vendors and numerous devices, reduce customer wait times and much more; it allows them to easily create the ultimate customer experience.


But creating a connected business can be complex for brands trying to do it alone. Therefore, an outside partner is usually needed to serve as the single point of accountability to remove complexity and risk from a business’s lifecycle IT support. This company can use IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, for instance, to collect data from all devices and help connect, automate and visualize operations to reveal smarter, faster insights…and empower smarter business decisions. This remote connectivity helps the business find and fix issues before they become a problem.



Bridging old and new technology


Adding to this complexity, some businesses may operate independently and have varying generations of technology. Connecting the old tech with the new is a challenge. And yet technology can make the difference between a positive experience with a brand, regardless of location, and one that is below par, causing a customer to rethink choosing it again.


Fortunately, managing the technology can be simple with the addition of digitally connected managed services that tie all the technology together and give a single, streamlined view of operations across every business’s location. Again, this is possible with the engagement of a trusted partner to help manage the technology while business owners focus on their customers.


The competition is on when it comes to creating brand experiences that transform the customer experience and drive loyalty. Technology is critical to surviving and thriving. And connecting all that technology, through a strategic partnership, will allow businesses to create the ultimate customer experience and keep them coming back.



Creating a connected business with NCR


NCR Digital Connected Services (DCS) combines the right people, processes, knowledge and tools to keep technology running at its best. It’s an end-to-end connected solution that provides connected systems management, analytics visualization, service desk, multi-vendor maintenance and security and frees staff to focus on serving and pleasing their customers.


DCS engineers, for instance, can remotely gather information about and take actions on any connected device, such as rebooting, changing the screen settings, making sure the batteries are performing optimally and determining issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. DCS can help prevent unpredictable IT failures that can disrupt business and create a poor customer experience.


Learn more about NCR Digital Connected Services here.

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Bob Tramontano is SVP of Managed Services, which is part of NCR Global Customer Services, the company’s largest business. He leads a global team responsible for optimizing the customer experience and leading change as customers across the banking, retail and hospitality industries manage through the digital transformation.