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We’re NCR, and we’ve been shaping the future since 1884. A global tech company changing how people everywhere bank, shop, eat, and travel. Guess you could say we were a tech company before there were tech companies.





Over a Century of Innovation


For more than 130 years, NCR has helped companies better connect, interact and transact with customers. Here’s how we did it.



Here the world firsts begin: 1880s-1920s


The electronic cash register.


Automated credit systems.


A sales training school (which attracted top talent, like IBM's founder).


Demand generation ... that changed the art of sales itself.


But was that enough for founder John H Patterson and the National Cash Register Company?


Of course not.


NCR goes digital: 1950s-1970s


LCD screens? Check.


Magnetic strips on the back of your credit card? Check.


Microencapsulation, leading to the invention of time-release medication (like Aspirin and even cancer treatments)? Check.


Oh, and how about thermal printing, and the world's first fully transistorized business computer? Check and check.


NCR keeps checking off boxes for world's firsts. But... why stop there?




Hello, Supermicrocomputer! Hello, AT&T! (1980s-1990s)


Sometimes when you've turned 100, you take on a new identity. NCR became part of AT&T, teamed up with Teradata, and became GIS, the world's most powerful database.


And you know open systems architecture? NCR brought it to the computer market in 1982.


Naturally, reinvention didn't stop there ...



Helping you help yourself. (2000s)


This is when things really start to come together (literally).


NCR expands swiftly beyond hardware and goes global. Global? Yeah, like 30,000 employees in 180 countries, global. (There’s only 196 countries total. Just sayin’.)


We’re talking software, store automation, signature capture, and…behold…self-service check-out!


NCR keeps creating the future by inventing it.



NCR goes all IN. (2010s)


Welcome to the world, omni-channel! A world where physical and digital boundaries begin to blur for the ultimate customer experience.


We’re talking mobile apps for anytime, anywhere interactions between people and their favorite brands. Plus mobile barcode scanning, beacon technologies and ATMs that have live teller access even after the bank branch has closed. 


We’re NCR. We’ve been around 130+ years. But we’re just getting started.

Board of Directors


Meet the people who help steer our course as part of the NCR Board of Directors.


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