Film Management

All the tools you need to successfully see feature films through their entire life cycle are in one location with our film management software. We provide what you need to track and manage film information, automate administrative functions, book and schedule films and manage payments, making it easier for you to get the films your customers want to see on the screen quickly.


  • Manage and maintain all the film data for every theater in your circuit in one location
  • Simplify the process of booking new films with exceptional flexibility and control
  • Streamline the scheduling process across your entire circuit by allowing theater managers and the corporate office full control via our web-based tool
  • Perform reviews and audits for theater sales quickly and achieve more accuracy in your negotiations with studios for settlement
  • Level the playing field with the studios through more accurate box office reporting and film margin percentages
  • Easily manage and maintain accuracy in your payments to film studios

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