Cinema Digital Signage

Deliver eye-catching graphics throughout your site that entice your guests to spend more and speeds up service. Our digital menu boards and signage can be used anywhere to create a unique experience. For concessions, you can animate your combos and present branded videos and advertising.


For box office and auditoriums, you can display real-time show titles, ratings, show times and movie posters in a colorful and professional format. Manage your auditorium pre-show by displaying marketing messages alongside entertainment-oriented content and advertising.


  • Improve the quality of your marketing by testing combos and running pre-show advertisements that lead to higher revenues
  • Strengthen communications with your guests and move them through lines faster
  • Promote specific menu items and change menus frequently by time of day or event
  • Create and upload your graphic content from one centralized location for your entire theater circuit
  • Direct your guests to the right theater with directional digital signage that makes it easy for them to find their way


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