Advanced Foodservice

High definition, 3-D and surround sound are creating new ways for fans to enjoy the movie going experience. With that, more guests are also coming to the theater looking for the full “dinner and a movie” experience. Set yourself apart by giving your guests multiple dining and food service options – whether that’s your traditional concession stand, restaurants within your complex or in-seat dining.

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Restaurant Solutions

If you want to combine dining, drinking and movies all in one venue, we’ve got you covered. Our full portfolio of cinema and restaurant technology works seamlessly together to help you deliver a consistent, memorable experience across ordering, payment, loyalty, gift card and feedback applications. Change the way people eat and socialize at the movies by:

  • Helping your staff deliver faster service with an easy-to-use POS interface, making order entry, split checks, routing and card processing simple.
  • Enabling your guests to collect and redeem loyalty points or use gift cards anywhere in your operations.
  • Identifying trends across all transactions in your business to help you make informed decisions on how to serve your guests better.



Kitchen Production

Kitchen Production
Route orders from the concession stand, in-theater wait staff and restaurants all through one robust kitchen production system. Our kitchen production hardware and software helps you:

  • Improve speed of service by routing orders from a fixed POS, handheld device or self-service kiosk directly into the kitchen without the need for manual intervention.
  • Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time with the ability to add recipes, images or videos for each item.
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of your guests by making sure that staff have what they need to deliver every order accurately, at the right temperature and correctly plated.
  • Have it your way with flexible configuration settings, including screen design, key metrics and sorting options that make it easy to set up the system matched to your unique needs.

In-Seat Dining

In-Seat Dining:  

In-seat dining can be a compelling experience that draws movie fans away from the couch and Netflix. We provide solutions that help you create a great experience without interrupting a great movie. Your guests will love the ability to order cocktails and food directly from their seats. Your employees will love the simplicity of taking orders and processing payments using handheld devices that also help route orders directly to the kitchen, increasing speed of service.

  • Improve staff productivity with easy to use and learn handheld devices that mimic your fixed POS terminals and keep your wait staff in the theater instead of shuttling back and forth to the kitchen.
  • Drive more revenue by keeping your wait staff in the theater to go that extra mile and deliver great service.
  • Process secure payments and transactions with a solution that has been validated against the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS).