NCR Channel Services

Unify your backend systems so it’s simple to go digital-first.

Explore how to enable seamless customer experiences, from digital banking to the branch and beyond—while making it easy to scale and grow.

What is NCR Channel Services?

It’s a cloud-ready, API-first ecosystem to provide seamless, connected personalized experiences as your customers move in and out of your digital and physical channels. Designed to replace aging retail banking systems, Channel Services helps you unify your systems driving innovation while removing cost and complexity.

See how NCR can provide seamless interactions with Channel Services as part of a digital first banking strategy

The challenge: Digital growth

From tapping an earbud to play music to paying a bill through a mobile app to ordering pizza by smartwatch, consumers today expect personalized, connected experiences—and that now includes how they bank. But digital growth is a challenge for financial institutions, especially if they’re constrained by legacy systems that aren’t agile. So how do FIs keep up?

The solution: Modernize and link banking silos

APIs and containerized applications are critical to adapting to our digital-first world; they give you the freedom to seamlessly blend your physical and digital banking channels. And the adoption of cloud-based technology makes achieving these digital ambitions happen that much faster. It’s how you gain the performance, reliability and scalability essential to delivering what consumers want.

NCR Branch Foundation

Provide seamless and unified interactions at the branch

Branch Foundation services help you modernize and evolve teller interactions for your branches. Powered by Channel Services, Branch Foundation makes you, the banker more accessible to your consumers by sharing business logic via APIs that results in a seamless multi-modal engagement. Think of the possibilities.  Connected with one view of your customer transaction in person at a traditional teller workstation, or on a teller tablet, at an ATM or through digital banking, Branch Foundation provides flexible options for you to transform your customer experience.

NCR Prestage

Order when ready, and pick up how you want

Deliver a click-and-collect or on-demand service for your customers and small business clients. A mobile app allows customers to place orders ahead of pick-up 24/7, whether through a fast teller lane or secure locker pickup. Merchants and small businesses can also place orders for ‘on the spot’ pickup for cash and coin as needed.

Imaging & Remote Deposit Capture

Improve efficiencies for all your customers with remote check deposit and cloud scanning

Giving customers the gift of time can differentiate you from your competitors. Offering alternative options to make deposits away from the branch gives your customers more control over how they transact with you—and saves them a trip to the branch. And if they still need to come in? RDC at the teller improves efficiency while reducing customer transaction times and costs.

Your digital-first strategy, made simple.

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