Software Engineering

Tech-savvy-innovators. Challenge-seekers. Boundary-pushers. Agile-design thinkers. Our software engineering iNCRedibles embody each of these traits and see the world differently than most.


Everywhere they look, this group of engineers sees possibility and opportunity to cultivate NCR's story. They don’t see problems; they see challenges to solve.


Whether working as a user interface/experience designer, Scrum Master, technical product owner, cloud software engineer, DevOps engineer, QA engineer or a variety of other positions, innovation is at the heart of everything this team does.


Our software engineering employees contribute to the NCR story by solving everyday challenges. The solutions they create, implement and enhance are making impacts in the real world. What does that mean? It means they solve everyday challenges for you, your friends and your family!  Being a part of this organization at NCR means you can see the direct results of your hard work.


Meet the NCR Hospitality Product Development team, one of many teams in software engineering across NCR, in the video below.

The NCR Hospitality Product Development Team





Meet Ray, a software engineering manager in Cebu. He leads a team of over 60 iNCRedibles (and growing) that develop solutions for both new and existing customer accounts.


Ray started with NCR in 2004 and has been writing his story with us and growing since. He explained “I started as a software engineer [and] after 3 years in the role, I was promoted to software team leader. In 2011, I was promoted to my current role. My story is an example of the growth opportunity inside the company. As long as you give your very best…you too can have a rewarding journey.”


When asked why he enjoys working for NCR, he explained:


“…because of the technology and the people behind this company. The technology and dynamics in this group are constantly evolving. It’s really fulfilling knowing that you’re growing over time and making significant contributions to the company.”


When asked about our shared values being exemplified in his team, he stated he sees all of them being utilized, but sees a daily focus on innovation, respect & teamwork and customer dedication especially. He stated, “…providing innovative solutions are always in the forefront of our design process, [we work collaboratively] across functions and customer commitment is always at the center [of the development process].”




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