Before you apply

Everyday prepared

We receive lots of applications, so it’s important to make yours stand out. We’ve put together these hints and tips to help you...

  • Read up on NCR via our careers pages - check out the employee stories
  • Follow NCR for updates - we’re on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Be concise and ensure the information on your CV / Resume has impact
  • Keep it simple and clear – you can always elaborate at the interview
  • Study the job description; identify which relevant skills/experience you have. If you don’t, consider other experiences that might be appropriate
  • Read the application questions carefully – take time to think about each question and add your personality to your answer
  • Summarize your key achievements at the top of your CV / Resume
  • Don’t have any unexplained gaps on your CV / Resume  – if you have had a career break or have been traveling, let us know
  • Academic and professional qualifications should flow in a logical order, starting with the most recent job or course
  • Check your application before submitting. Check spelling and get a friend or family member to read through if it helps
  • Do your research – understand our organizational structure and the work of the team you are applying to join
  • Understand competency-based questions – prepare and give examples of when you have delivered against a certain value or behavior or delivered against a skill set
  • Trial your interview answers with a friend
  • Be on time – leave plenty of time to get there
  • Be yourself – be honest, open and sell yourself
  • Build rapport – make eye contact
  • Prepare any questions you’d like to ask at the end of the interview

If you have any application questions - check out our FAQs page.

Best of luck! We look forward to reading your application.

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NCR Unveils the Next Generation of its Counterpoint Channel Software Solution

Omni-channel solution leader launches new version of its proven, all-in-one retail software


Making the shopping experience seamless

For retailers, being able to deliver a seamless, consistent experience across all channels is essential in the current environment. With more options available to customers than ever before, today's consumers are empowered to shop wherever and however they wish, whether online or in-store.

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Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.