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U.S. Postal Service 2021 Supplier Performance Award

September, 2022

NCR VOYIX was awarded the U.S. Postal Service 2021 Supplier Performance Award for the third time! Congratulations goes out to the Public Sector Postal team for providing exemplary work for the United States Postal Service. Special thanks to Tom Wasco, Gary Gett, Kevin Garth, Hassan Zifa, Walt Smith, Pavan Varma, Angela Gonzalez and Mike Adelong. Winning this award three times demonstrates the consistency of innovative and superior service that the NCR Public Sector Postal Team has provided to the USPS for the last 26 years. NCR was recognized for its effort in software development, systems engineering and integration of USPS’s new payment terminal.  

NCR designed and implemented a creative “thinking outside the box” solution that allowed the Postal Service to minimize the development, integration and testing time of their new solution and allow the solution to be implemented significantly faster and with far less risk. NCR worked diligently and completed the solution in weeks (not months). Our proposal would drastically reduce the number of changes and software development time for USPS developers integration efforts. It supports both legacy and new devices that operate in the Post Office simultaneously. With this implementation there is now less training needed at the USPS help desk level because of the continuity we kept with the postal clerk operations at the Post Office window.  

Check out some of the award ceremony and celebration pictures below! 

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