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Trusted resources you can lean on to stay informed during COVID-19

Published March 20, 2020

With the flood of news and information about the coronavirus, finding accurate and trustworthy sources for updates can be difficult. To help, we’ve gathered some trusted information sources to keep you updated with the latest recommendations, guidelines and notifications.


Preparation for Employers and Business Owners

As an employer, there are many details of this pandemic that are affecting your business. In this article, you’ll find tools and tips on how to plan, prepare and respond to the coronavirus.


Daily Global Coronavirus Updates

Find updates on case numbers and the progression of the coronavirus. Situation reports are posted regularly.


Press Briefings from WHO (World Health Organization)

Access live media briefings, from a global view, every 2-3 days from the World Health Organization.


Updated Traveling Information

Find the most updated traveling recommendations including FAQs about postponing and canceling upcoming trips, air or cruise travel and returning home from travel.


Protective Measures

Watch videos and find tips on the best protective measures to keep you, your family, your customers and employees healthy. This site provides general advice, dispels coronavirus myths and provides resources to get your workplace ready.



Here you can find the recommended cleaning products and procedures to keep your business clean and as safe as possible.


Rolling Updates

Access brief and accurate reports from trusted health organizations as they happen.


NCR VOYIX’s coronavirus resources

We are keeping a pulse on what the COVID-19 outbreak means for commerce and publishing helpful content that will help you run your business through it all.


In a time of uncertainty, count on NCR VOYIX

NCR VOYIX is committed to helping businesses of all sizes navigate the many challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak. For more information - or just for an empathetic ear and ideas to help - please contact NCR. 

Our retail solutions experts are in the trenches with our customers, working hard to help provide guidance, solutions and recommendations

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