Wholesalers: What to do with your NCR technology if you need to close

Published March 26, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, more governments are issuing restrictions designed to limit people gathering—or mandating that they stay inside altogether. Some businesses, like restaurants and entertainment venues, have been required or volunteered to close. Increasingly, this includes some retailers

But what do you do with your NCR retail technology if you have to close down? 

Here’s some guidance we put together for retail wholesalers.



Do a complete system backup

If you haven’t done a backup recently, please contact your Power Care 400 support team for more information and assistance.


You can power your system down if you’re closing

We don’t recommend unplugging your equipment, unless you make sure the system is turned off (follow proper shut-down and start-up procedures). Then do the following:


We recommend a full system save and storage of that full system save (keep in mind where you're saving it):

  • Ensure all subsystems are noted

  • Don’t try to open the back of the iSeries server or try to vacuum it because it is dusty.  Use canned air.

NCR Enterprise and Warehouse systems

  • Back up your data

  • Consider accounting period closings and final period end (sales) and enter all AR

  • Post start up cleaning up weekly averages

  • POs - determine how outstanding shipments will be handled

  • AP - have a process for cutting 'final' checks

  • Ensure all bank draft interfaces are turned off

NCR Transportation systems

  • If you are changing your warehouse hours, or closing a location temporarily, Power Dock allows admin users to post information to the online scheduling page for all carriers to see and schedule their shipments accordingly.

  • Power Transportation can be used to communicate with carriers via email or by sending load tenders via the online portal if you are changing operating hours or procedures. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the NCR Help Desk and ask for Power Care 400 Support.   


In a time of uncertainty, NCR is ready to help

NCR is committed to helping customers of all sizes navigate the many challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Our supply chain solutions experts are in the trenches with our customers, working to provide guidance, solutions and recommendations.

For more information, please contact NCR in the U.S. at 1-800-CALL-NCR or outside of the U.S. at 1-937-445-1936.


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