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US grocers focusing on hiring hospitality workers suddenly out of work

Published April 2, 2020

Grocery stores are seeing an unexpected surge of shoppers right now—and they’re keenly focused on staffing their stores and stocking their shelves. To keep running smoothly and support their communities, many are choosing to hire workers displaced by the coronavirus. 

Here are just a few.


Sedano’s Supermarkets

Sedano’s Supermarkets, a leading independent Hispanic grocery chain based in Miami, has teamed up with two local restaurants, Versailles and La Carreta, to provide up to 400 jobs across its stores. 

Sedano’s chief marketing officer Javier Herrán told The Shelby Report, “This collaboration reflects who we are as companies in our community. During difficult times, local businesses and communities need to support one another.”


Rouses Markets 

Louisiana-based Rouses Markets also told The Shelby Report they were looking to hire restaurant workers who are out of work due to the coronavirus. Rouses Markets CEO Donny Rouse said to potential new hires, “I encourage you to apply. We will teach you the grocery business.” 

In addition to helping the employees of restaurants, Rouses Markets is helping the restaurants themselves. The stores are testing out offering meals-to-go from their customers’ favorite restaurants, too. Rouse said they are also trying to purchase foods from restaurants with a surplus of inventory.

Rouse told The Shelby Report, "We are one food community, and much as we can, we will support each other during these difficult times.”



Cosentino’s, a grocery chain headquartered in Kansas City, also said their Price Choppers, Apple Markets and Sun Fresh stores are interested in hiring people who are out of work due to the coronavirus.

According to a Newsweek article, Cosentino’s recently tweeted: “Sharing good news! If you have recently been laid off due to the COVID-19 epidemic, join our team!"


United Supermarkets

United Supermarkets, with over 95 stores across the U.S., posted on their social media accounts and website that they’re hiring displaced workers, too:

“If your source of income has been disrupted or you just want to take action and serve others, join us. Family takes care of family; we’re all in this together and we are hiring.” 

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