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Retail heroes help those in need during coronavirus pandemic

Published April 6, 2020

By now, you’ve probably heard that many retailers are dedicating an early shopping hour solely to vulnerable populations to help them feel safer while grocery shopping.

In addition to these retailers, there are also citizens around the world doing their part to help their community. 


A 20-year-old student created a network of “shopping angels” to help the elderly

Jayde Powell, a student at the University of Nevada, organized a group of volunteers that shop and deliver groceries to the elderly—so those who are at risk can stay home. Speaking to CNN, Powell said, “As a pre-med student, I know that people who are older or people who have heart, lung or immune conditions are especially at risk for contracting the virus.”


A milkman in Leicestershire, England, expanded his services to help those in need

As a trusted citizen of his community for more than 35 years, Tony Fowler has always gone above and beyond for his customers. In addition to his usual delivery of milk and bread, he’s changing light bulbs, picking up prescriptions and sharing books with his customers—many who are over 70 and need to stay indoors. Fowler said, “They trust me to always be there, even in bad weather, to check on them.”


A kind stranger helps an elderly couple too scared to go into the grocery store

Rebecca Mehra was walking into her local grocery store when an elderly couple in their car caught her attention. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the couple was too afraid to enter the crowded store. Without hesitating, Mehra took the money and the shopping list, and returned with their cart of groceries. Mehra said, “It was the first time I thought about how much this is affecting my community.”


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