6 ways to hire and retain restaurant staff with advertising

Published June 16, 2021

Your next great staff members could be just a QR code away

Is your restaurant feeling the effects of the labor shortage? Are you concerned how you’ll run a business with only a fraction of the number of employees you once had? Well, guess what? You’re not alone.

According to CBS News, 4 in 10 restaurants are struggling to fill vital roles that keep a business running.

The talent you’re searching for is out there if you know how to attract them to your restaurant. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when advertising that you’re hiring.

Your paper applications might fold

Make sure your application isn’t in paper form only. Hard copies of applications are great, but they limit your application pool substantially. Put a stack of your applications on the counter and hang that “now hiring” sign on the window, but don’t stop there.

The first step is looking at your online platforms to ensure that the application is user-friendly. It’s vital to make sure users can access the application on your website or your mobile app because of its convenience: your skilled applicants may be just one virtual click away.

Implement QR Codes

After making sure your online application is up and running without roadblocks, consider making a QR code that links directly to the online application.

QR codes are a great tool because there are several online sites that convert any link into a QR code for free. Once you make a QR code online, you can print them out to place in strategic locations around your restaurant, such as at each table and key places where customers will see them.

This way, if a customer has a great experience at your restaurant and wants to learn more about working on your team, they already have easy access to the application. Place it where people are likely to see it and even ask your current employees if they have suggestions about where to put them.

Rough drafts are no good here

Let’s face it. Most applications and job descriptions are boring; just a long list of words that don’t spark eagerness or excitement.

So, if your restaurant is a fun, fast-paced environment, let it shine through in the application and job description. Write about it in a way that draws enthusiastic talent to you. Take your time drafting it so you understand the audience you’re hoping to target.

Keep the details relevant and advertise your restaurant as the best place to work. Include any employee benefits, such as free or reduced-price meals, flexible shifts, and upward mobility. These are key to attract and retain employees.

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Social platforms are a must

Social media is a great tool to advertise your application. Don’t underestimate its ability to reach a plethora of people in your community.

Creating captivating social media posts won’t break the bank, so it can be pivotal for small and medium-sized restaurants that don’t have a big budget. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yelp are the best platforms to look into and see if your brand could generate leads with them.

Keep in mind that all social media platforms are different so tailor your business and use a platform that matches. A Facebook post will not match the formatting in Twitter, so use the platforms that drive the most leads.

Consider posting a series of fun facts about the restaurant industry or include a behind-the-scenes look into your restaurant to show how fresh your food is.

For instance, Chipotle recently combined customer and digital engagement to more than double their revenue. They tapped into the next generation’s desire for fresh and real food and outperformed competitors in digital thought leadership. Knowing your audience will guide you to use certain platforms more than others. On these sites, advertise your business and attract attention.

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Content ideas

Need content? Consider making a short employee testimonial video that showcases what they do and what they enjoy at your restaurant, such as flexible hours, great wages, and building networks with encouraging team members.

Compose a series of posts showing how to apply and what kind of employee benefits they can look forward to, if hired. Remember to link the application in the post or caption to make a clear and distinct call-to-action.

And be sure to utilize hashtags in a purposeful way to build a community for those interested in related trending topics. You can download the NCR Digital Marketing Toolkit, which outlines how to recognize your audience, take pictures that make an impact, and optimize your account.

Retain your current team

When hiring new staff, keep in mind that your current staff is just as valuable so invest in technology that supports all of them. The NCR Aloha POS system helps your staff focus on customers instead of monotonous work.

The restaurant POS system is the heart of your business and has the potential to empower your staff. And handheld POS systems allow your team to take more orders in a shorter time period, eliminating errors and therefore, reducing labor costs. Lower labor costs allow your restaurant to serve more customers with fewer employees and turn more tables faster which creates an overall higher job satisfaction.

Also, consider establishing an employee referral program where your current staff is rewarded for encouraging people they know and trust to apply. Use the resources you have in your restaurant already to fan the flame of great quality workers.

Make use of these suggestions and your restaurant can continue to be in tip-top shape to attract the talent it deserves!

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