Three technologies every restaurant needs now

This article is part of our blog series, “Reopening your restaurant: What you need to know,” and gives you some ideas for managing and potentially reducing your expenses as you fully reopen your restaurant after the crisis.

Published May 13, 2020

Here we outline the key technologies you need to not only drive results while your dining room is closed, but also to help you transform your operations to meet new industry norms and customer expectations when you’re able to reopen.

Online and mobile ordering

With the mandatory closure of restaurant dining rooms, operators have pivoted to curbside, takeout and delivery services for their customers. An online and mobile ordering system that’s integrated with your POS enables you to receive orders without an army of staff to answer phone calls.  

This not only keeps the restaurant less crowded and safer, it also enables customers to pay for the order before it’s picked up, minimizing the need to handle credit cards and cash. It also increases order accuracy since your guests communicate directly with your kitchen when they enter their orders online. And since online and mobile ordering give you a way to track what your customers are buying, it helps you optimize marketing and operational decisions, too.

Contactless payment

As you reopen your front-of-house for dine-in service, offering contactless payments is another way to help protect your staff and guests. Already a familiar and accepted method of payment, contactless provides a fast and secure transaction with an added benefit: it removes the need for physical proximity and the need to exchange cash and cards. 

In quick service environments, this could mean adding payment terminals that have contactless capabilities for “tap-and-go” using a mobile wallet or contactless payment card. For table service, it could mean adding an option for your guests to pay using their mobile devices. Using a QR code that’s on the receipt or on the table, guests can scan the code, access their bill and pay on their mobile device.

Consumer marketing & loyalty programs

When you fully reopen your restaurant, one challenge you could face is re-engaging your customers. Whether activating your existing loyal fan base or working to build a new one, consider using a loyalty and marketing platform to create and deliver meaningful guest experiences that are enriched and continuously informed by data. The best platforms:  

  • Enable you to collect and aggregate all of your guest data 
  • Create customer segments to run targeted, personalized promotions 
  • Market to your customers using text, email or direct mail  
  • Track your customer behaviors and revenue to optimize your marketing spend 

To re-engage customers and build momentum, it will be important to move beyond generic loyalty programs to create 1:1 engagements that drive repeat visits (even if it’s just for takeout), higher spend and more profit for your business. 

In addition to these tools, consider making the most of online and social media platforms to keep your customers informed on news you want to share, such as opening dates, new menus and promotions. 

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