Marketing to Gen Z
and beyond

The latest generation of consumers is already shaping cultures and the economy. Companies would do well to learn what makes them buy in to brands. Reaching them is crucial for businesses to succeed. Download our whitepaper to see what it takes to win over Gen Z.

Comprising about 30% of the global population, Gen Z is poised to overtake millennials as the largest consumer group by 2026.

As of 2020, Gen Z enjoyed a collective spending power of $143 billion in the U.S. alone—and that number is growing as more of them enter the workforce and become full-fledged consumers. Connecting with this digitally savvy, value-driven generation comes with far-reaching benefits, but it requires a deeper understanding of what makes Gen Zers tick.  

Download Gen Z, the big picture and discover:

  • What characteristics make Gen Z unique
  • What kind of shopping experience this generation craves
  • Where, when and how to market to them most effectively
  • How to attain their loyalty by appealing to their values and needs
  • Why catering to Gen Z can also win over your broader customer base

What does it take to connect to this growing economic powerhouse?

Download the whitepaper now to learn how you
engage and resonate with the Gen Z consumer.