Best Buy is still operating through online orders and curbside pickup

Published April 8, 2020

With a nearly worldwide workforce now operating from their individual homes, the need for office equipment is on the rise. Fortunately companies like Best Buy are changing how they operate, rather than closing their doors.

As Retail Info Systems reports, while customers cannot go into Best Buy to shop for TVs, printers, smart devices and other electronics, they can order what they want online or on their phone using the Best Buy mobile app and pick it up curbside.

They’re also still delivering larger items to peoples’ homes, but they’re no longer bringing them inside leaving them at customers’ doorsteps instead.

“This means we will take the item as close as we possibly can to the front door of your home without bringing it inside,” the company said in a statement. “We know that this change will be inconvenient, and we are truly sorry. It was made with employees’ and your best interest at heart.”


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