Using ATM displays to
share critical information

Published April 24, 2020

Banks and credit unions already offer advice and product information in their digital banking apps, signage and ATM channels. And with the coronavirus temporarily closing branches in many locations, ATMs are an ideal way to offer additional guidance and critical information to customers, whether posting changes to hours of operations, offering safety tips for using self-service banking or delivering educational messages to help customers make the most of self-service. 


Simplifying the delivery of messages to multiple screens

The most modern ATM applications with HTML-based user interfaces give financial institutions the ability to centrally publish the ATM screens instead of distributing them to individual machines. This can be a powerful tool to send relevant and useful messages to customers. It can also help you drive awareness and adoption of your digital banking products so customers know what’s available. 


Targeted messaging using ATM marketing tools

ATM marketing tools allow banks and credit unions to target messages to broad groups of consumers, or when connected to a CRM system, to smaller groups and even individuals. The smartest tools also offer the flexibility to choose how, when and where to place messages. For example, a bank could place information and messaging into the transaction screens as side bars, top or bottom message panes or as a ticker tape-like strip at the top or bottom of the screen. 

While some financial institutions and ATM deployers have internal resources to create and publish messaging to their ATMs, others turn to partners like NCR to provide screen designs and message publication as a service. 


Optimizing your ATM as a communication channel

The ATM is just one of many ways a financial institution can publish messages. But with more branches closing, ATM usage will increase—making it a much more effective channel to promote products, advice and information.  


In a time of uncertainty, count on NCR

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