The move from physical to
e-journal at the ATM

Published April 7, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has seen numerous financial institutions reduce branch capacity or close temporarily. Increasingly, consumers are turning to the ATM for cash and transactional services.

But with higher ATM use comes higher volumes of cash transactions to reconcile. The challenge for financial institutions is how to reconcile this greater volume with minimal resources, maximum quality and effective dispute resolution.


From manual process to e-journal technology

Some banks still rely heavily on the use of transaction logs via a physical journal printer in the top-box of an ATM. This roll of paper details every single transaction until the paper runs out and bank staff has to turn the system off to remove and replace it.

In today’s low-contact environment, having to send someone out to the ATM to retrieve and store the journal may not be ideal. But with the appropriate ATM management system, you can migrate this manual process to E-journal (EJ) technology instead.


E-journals are the future

An EJ allows a bank to store the audit trail of transactions electronically, with no need to physically interact with the ATM. Combined with a good ATM management system, the EJ can cut operational costs and drive customer satisfaction—and today can help keep your staff safer.


As the coronavirus impacts the world, E-journal is helping #keepcommercerunning while improving efficiency by:

  • Reducing the number of times your staff has to interact with the ATM
  • Reducing ATM downtime to ensure your consumers have access to cash
  • Removing the need for site visits
  • Delivering remote data retention and making audits faster and easier


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