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Published May 1, 2020

At a time when people across the nation are dealing with layoffs, reduced hours and reduced pay - and practicing social distancing to protect their health and well-being - many consumers and businesses are facing new financial challenges and hardships. They are reaching out to their banks and credit unions for guidance and support during these challenging times.

As such, banks and credit unions are experiencing significantly higher call volumes, changes in operating hours and services offered at their branches, and increased requests for financial assistance. Additionally, they are faced with the critical need to support their own employees working from home, and to service users remotely. Many are ramping up operations to ensure their customers and members - as well as their employees - can conduct needed transactions in a safe and secure way. Times have certainly changed and as the world around us continues to evolve, there will be a lasting impact.

An increasing number of consumers and businesses are leaning on the digital channel to manage their financial lives. The time is now for financial institutions to take advantage of their digital banking platform capabilities - when staying connected, providing critical updates and information, and offering financial support is vital.

Here are some impactful ways financial institutions can leverage digital banking capabilities to stay connected and support their users today, during these difficult times - and into the future as legislation evolves, jobs change, and branches reopen.


Maximize your messaging and communication tools

In times like these, proactive and straightforward communication is key. Leverage the tools available through all channels - and lean on the capabilities of your digital banking platform that allow you to get your message out quickly and thoughtfully - in the exact moment of need.

Best practices in challenging times

Create and launch banner ads in online and mobile banking - as well as your website - to communicate services that provide financial assistance, such as the ability to defer a payment. Include a service message upon login to keep your users in the know on important updates and information. Update your online and mobile banking navigation to include links to your website and social media channels. Leverage push notifications to provide your users with timely information about changes to branch services and hours, or other critical information. Learn how Stockman Bank multiplied their digital banking and mobile app users by implementing a new digital banking solution.


Enhance and strengthen how you support your users

As you adapt to finding new ways to serve your customers or members, providing easy-to-access tools and resources is paramount. Find ways to make simple enhancements to your existing services, or increase their accessibility to make it easier for your users to get in contact with a banker, find answers to critical questions, and access and use essential tools. This is increasingly important during challenging times when it may be difficult to bank in person.

Best practices in challenging times

Use live chat and secure email in your online and mobile channels to enable your users to quickly and securely get in contact with your call center. Increase the number of licenses or seats available to service users through live chat when there is a rise in demand.

Offer financial assistance by providing the ability to defer a payment; make the offer prominent in your navigation and communicate it through the use of banner ads, social media and your website. Coach your users on how to use financial wellness tools that allow them to track spending and set budget goals by offering tutorials and how-to videos you can place within the product or on your website. Evaluate your mobile remote deposit capture limits and adjust as needed to accommodate your users during this time - especially for those who may not have direct deposit for government stimulus checks.

Leverage your call center’s on-hold messaging to promote digital banking, live chat and secure email as alternative methods to get in contact with a banker - especially when wait times are higher than normal. Provide your call center staff with scripts to encourage use of the same channels for fast and secure access to answers in the future.


Increase employee support as they navigate new ways of working

Your employees may find themselves needing extra support as they’re required to work differently - either from home or in the office. Take this opportunity to remind them of the resources and tools available to them.

Best practices in challenging times 

Reach out to your digital banking provider to understand the training tools at your disposal. Utilize these resources to empower your employees to refresh and expand their knowledge as they are asked to take on more during challenging times. To streamline your internal processes, make sure to also communicate your provider’s process for logging issues and for tier-two support for critical issues. 


How NCR clients use NCR Digital Banking capabilities to stay connected

Make on-demand updates to navigation and login messages

With access to free self-service branding and configuration capabilities, NCR Digital Banking clients can update login messaging on demand - without having to wait or incur additional costs. In addition, they can edit their online and mobile banking navigation to include links to new resources or make a critical feature like the ability to defer a payment, more prominent.

Utilize self-service push notifications and banner ads

One NCR client used NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium to send a push notification to members near a branch location. In the notification, the credit union reminded members to stay safe and bank from home - and provided information on how to access digital banking or get in touch with a banker.

Additionally, financial institutions using NCR Promotion Suite can instantly launch timely banner ads in online and mobile banking, so users see important updates and information upon login.

Make financial assistance features available and prominent 

Features like NCR Skip a Payment enable financial institutions to give their users a payment break to help ease the financial burden. Tools like NCR Money Management powered by MX, give consumers the ability to manage their financial wellness with a 360- degree view of their internal and external accounts, track spending, set budgets and more. Financial institutions offering this solution can also link to our how-to tutorials to help users get started.

These features can also be moved to more prominent locations within the navigation by using our self-service configuration tool.

Offer on-demand training 

NCR clients can access NCR DI University at any time to give their employees the confidence they need to support digital banking features and tools. Courses are offered in multiple formats, including virtual classrooms, live webinars, on-site training, and on-demand eLearning courses. Topics range from certification training, sales support, and continuing education, to conversion activities and custom courses that can be tailored to a financial institution’s unique needs.

NCR Digital Banking offers comprehensive features that allow financial institutions to better serve their customers and members - and the on-demand tools and resources that make it easier to provide quick updates and critical information in times of need. For more information on NCR Digital Banking, please call 1-800-225-5627. 

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