NCR ATM as a Service

Published November 20, 2020

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing the ATM channel and deliver the digital-first experience customers want

Since its introduction back in 1967, the ATM has revolutionized the banking industry and has become the mainstay of how consumers access their cash. The ATM is one of the most popular ways a consumer engages with their financial institution (FI). And as consumers have evolved to think and act digital first, the ATM has kept pace with FIs, migrating most teller transactions to self-service.

However, while the ATM has stayed at the cutting-edge of innovation and kept pace with the needs of the consumer, one thing remains the same: running the ATM channel is expensive, complicated and time consuming. There are myriad elements to consider from cash-in-transit and software updates to security patches, cleaning, maintenance and much more. But like many industries, FIs are under pressure to increase efficiency, improve costs and operate with reduced resources; all while transforming the customer experience. This is leading FIs to look at alternative ways to run their operations.

How ATM as a Service works

As a Service is becoming a popular way to purchase – enabling an ‘all-in’ subscription approach to car leasing, TV streaming and much more. But it’s not just consumer focused products, As a Service is a growing trend in the business space too.

ATM as a Service is a program that runs an FI’s entire ATM channel, focused on key business drivers it gives FIs peace of mind that the ATM channel, that’s integral to their business, is running smoothly.  By outsourcing the end-to-end management of the ATM fleet – which includes asset supply and installation, maintenance, remote support services, security, compliance, cash management and more, FIs can focus on other mission critical activities, such as innovating the consumer experience, ATM security, improved uptime and reducing costs.

ATM as a Service enables FIs to outsource the management of the ATM estate and free up the time and resources to focus on other business priorities. Through a strategic partner, FIs gain access to the technological and operational advantages that come with outsourcing. As well as bringing positive change by lowering CAPEX exposure and delivering budget consistency, adoption of ATM as a Service also helps keep FIs on top of the shifting compliance and security landscape – ensuring they never miss a step (or a patching alert).

How ATM as a Service helps FIs innovate

FIs are looking to respond to changing consumer behaviors – which see increasing demands to be able to bank where, when and how they choose. That means shifting more transactions into the self-service channel and on to the ATM. But, to do so often means upgrading the ATM fleet and budget constraints are one of the main hinderances to modernization.

ATM as a Service alleviates this issue, by not only shifting expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX but also enabling modernization investments to span the lifetime on the contract, rather than being an upfront investment.

Through as a Service, FIs shift the focus on spend to a focus on their core business, meaning investment in more innovative projects and the customer experience. This means they can modernize their estate and accelerate migration of more transactions onto the ATM—all with a renewed agility that will allow for quicker adaptation of new innovations in the future.

ATM as a Service unlocks a world of resource, expertise and innovation. Through a strategic partner, the FI gains access to the required knowledge, skills and technologies to effectively and efficiently run the ATM network.

ATM as a Service is enabling FIs to juggle meeting consumer expectations for more convenient banking with improving operational efficiency and constrained costs.

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ATM as a Service

Reduce cost, complexity and risk with our end-to-end ATM management solution.

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