Nationwide is one in a million—A customer’s journey

Published June 14, 2021

How much more convenience and ease will the next ATM generation bring?

As NCR produces its one millionth SelfServ™ ATM, we explore how this award-winning ATM brand has developed over time and we see how Nationwide Building Society has embraced this technology. Remarkably, they’ve been the customer of both the first and the one millionth NCR SelfServ ATM.

The NCR SelfServ™ family first hit the streets in 2008, sporting a stylish new look and cutting-edge software—and customers were quick to adopt this new addition to the ATM market. In fact, Nationwide Building Society was the first customer to roll out this new product in the UK. Fast forward 13 years and we’re now installing our one millionth SelfServ™ ATM at Nationwide’s new flagship branch in Holborn, London. So, what’s changed since SelfServ became a teenager?

Consumer expectations

In those 13 years, consumer technology has taken huge leaps in allowing us to transact in new ways, with faster, better functionality on mobile phones, personalization whenever we shop and connectivity like we’ve never seen before. Financial institutions (FIs) have been forced to offer those same experiences, whether in the branch, online or at the ATM. So, today the SelfServ™ 80 series has evolved to become a beautifully crafted range with software that puts the consumer front and center. It opened up a new world of possibilities, delivering banking transactions and a mobile-like consumer experience, from gesture based to “tap and go” and contactless interactions.

There are now 1.5 million contactless-enabled ATMs in the world (nearly half of all deployed ATMs)—today this number is skyrocketing. According to RBR’s Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2025 study, the number of ATMs offering cardless cash withdrawals increased 26 percent in 2019 while ATMs with near field card (NFC) readers rose by 86 percent globally. Due to the global pandemic, the need to move to touchless technologies will rapidly grow in the coming 12 months.

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These new technologies are critical for Nationwide’s self-service strategies. So we asked the Nationwide team, “What did it mean to you to be rolling out the one millionth ATM?” And turns out they were just as excited as we were.

“We have a fantastic strategic relationship with NCR and we are delighted to receive the one millionth NCR ATM in our new Post Branch, Holborn London,” said Megan Rump, branch manager Nationwide.

“We have a fantastic strategic relationship with NCR and we are delighted to receive the one millionth NCR ATM.” Megan Rump, Branch Manager, Nationwide.

The role of the branch and video banking

We know that branches are changing. We see many FIs migrating more transactions from the teller line to their self-service channel, driving efficiencies while reducing queues. And with current social distancing rules in place, this is more important than ever. The need to have an ATM network that’s always on and available is key to ensuring the success of that migration plan.

We asked the Nationwide team “With the banking landscape changing so rapidly, what is the significance of the ATM today?” They said, “It’s great. This newest model is really fast; it allows us to help our members carry out their daily transactions and it works brilliantly, too!”

With consumers embracing video technology (like Zoom) to stay connected and desiring face-to-face interaction with banks to complete complex transactions, interactive video solutions at the ATM are increasing.

We asked Nationwide, “What role does the branch play in today’s COVID environment?”

Megan Rump commented: “This branch is a new concept; it’s not a usual branch in that it doesn’t have a counter service. We want to focus on how we can support our members with more complex queries and questions and at the same time look at how we can educate our members side by side.”

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The future of the ATM

When we think about how far the ATM has come in the last 40 to 50 years, we can’t help but turn our attention to the next generation and wonder what the next 10 years will bring for the ATM. The 80 series has helped shape and transform the banking industry since its inception. And, especially in a post COVID banking world, the ATM will continue to meet consumer expectations well into the future.

According to Adam Crighton, SVP and GM for digital-first self-service banking at NCR, “As banks firm up their digital strategies, the branch and ATM channels must remain a core component of any retail bank’s delivery strategy. Increasingly digital first, but not digital only, successful banks will place the mobile at the center of their strategies.”

The SelfServ™ ATM series has been on an incredible journey since 2008, but so has Nationwide Building Society. It’s fair to say Nationwide is leading the way with self-service technology both in branch and at the ATM with their new branch that opened in March 2021 with the unveiling of the newest SelfServ™ 84.

“Nationwide has been laser focused on delivering the best experience for its members from the beginning,” said Victoria Puviani, NCR Global Sales. “They’ve embraced new technologies like intelligent deposits, branch transformation projects and ATMs that have the latest software installed on their networks. It feels appropriate that Nationwide should be the recipient of our one millionth ATM.”

Diego Navarrete, SVP Global Sales, agreed. “Working with customers such as Nationwide allows NCR to push boundaries and bring to market technologies that ultimately go on to shape the future of self-service.”

Thank you, Nationwide. You really are one in a million.

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