Introducing anti-microbial coating to protect your customers

June 1, 2020

The pandemic has highlighted the need to minimize the risk of virus transmission through common touchpoints. So it’s critical to keep shared surfaces (such as those on an ATM or ITM) regularly sanitized to prevent the spread of virus and offer greater peace of mind for consumers.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, NCR published our Banking Hardware Cleaning Guide with easy-to-remember do’s and don’ts to help financial institutions reduce risk. And, now, we’ve taken our commitment to your business, your customers’ safety and innovation even further.

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Introducing anti-microbial coating for shared surfaces

NCR has launched a new anti-microbial coating that can be applied to in-situ hardware, including touchscreens, keypads, handsets, card reader entry points, cash and receipt slots, front facias and privacy shields. We can apply it to NCR or other manufacturers' devices.

This anti-microbial coating will:

  • Make it difficult for microbes (virus, bacteria, fungi) to live on coated surfaces, limiting the possibility of transmission through touch 
  • Improve the effectiveness of standard cleaning and disinfecting procedures 
  • Create a durable, lasting bond with treated surfaces that will persist with regular use and between standard cleaning procedures 
  • Make surfaces more resilient to scratches and dirt buildup over time.

How it works

Find out more about our anti-microbial coating at Together, we’ll help you #KeepCommerceRunning.


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