How financial institutions are using digital to keep consumers connected in times of crisis

Published March 23, 2020

According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countries around the globe. As a preventative measure, consumers continue to  practice social distancing, which is increasingly including bank and credit union branches. As people adjust to this new normal, there will likely be an increase in digital banking use. 

Indeed, a poll from Lightico found 82% of respondents said they were concerned about going to their local bank, with 63% saying they’re more inclined to try a digital app or website than before the coronavirus pandemic.

So it’s crucial that banks and credit unions offer a seamless, intuitive digital banking and payments experience for their customers and members. These digital experiences should allow consumers to easily handle banking tasks anywhere they happen to be.



Help customers and your business achieve more with digital

Your financial institution can also use digital channels to build trust and strengthen customer relationships, offering simple self-service banking options and tips. 

For example, some banks and credit unions are highlighting the benefits of completely contactless voice banking apps for quick account updates and the latest information on branch hours or availability. They’re also using interactive digital chat or video technologies to stay connected. 

Some are also using their digital banking platform to remind customers they can use mobile banking location services to find a nearby ATM/ITM or drive-thru, or to schedule an appointment at branches that may be open but only taking 1:1 in-person meetings, limiting queues. 

As consumers face financial concerns, many financial institutions have taken to their websites and social channels to share ways they’re offering support with waived fees, delayed payment options or funding assistance for small businesses. 

They’re also providing or linking to guidance on how to avoid coronavirus-related scams, how to rebound from a financial hit and how to prepare for other “black swan” events in the future.


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In times of uncertainty, NCR is ready to help

As your leadership, marketing and tech teams work with front line staff to deliver communications to help customers transition to digital banking, we can help.

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