Harnessing technology to stay connected to your banking customers

Published April 7, 2020

In the blink of an eye, many consumers had to change their routines and environments—and for some, that has meant changing the way they bank, transact and move money.

For banks and credit unions, this means you have consumers and businesses who have never used digital banking figuring out how to sign on and interact—learning as they go.

You also have experienced users who rarely set foot in a branch anyway, and continually embrace new digital tools to manage their financial lives.

Either way, you likely didn’t have the chance to prepare your users for this new normal. But you can still respond. Now is the time to communicate how you can help customers of all experience levels adjust during these uncertain times, and reassure them that your vital banking services are still there for them.

In an interview with The Financial Brand, one marketing expert suggests asking yourself, “How can I make a difference to my customers?” Below, we offer some tips to help.


Using technology to humanize digital banking

Leverage your social channels and embrace the power of your website

Take advantage of your financial institution’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account to present relevant, timely and informative messages that offer support and assistance when your customers need it most.

Your website is also a powerful communication tool. Use your homepage banner ad space to engage your users in their exact time of need, showing how you’re here to help make managing their financial lives easier.

Make it simple to learn more about a product or service by enabling them to click to a landing page or video with additional information and resources. Encourage them to follow you on your social channels to stay up to date. 


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NCR is here to help you get started. We’ve developed a variety of timely and relevant self-service assets for you to download and customize for your financial institution—including email copy, drive-up branch signage, statement inserts, and sample social media posts—to help you communicate with your users. Get your free toolkit here.


Be mindful of the message

When you develop and evaluate your message, focus on how you can help your customers or members by educating and informing—rather than only pitching a product.

In a recent blog post, Google said, “As market dynamics change rapidly, we’re constantly reassessing campaigns, creative, and even our guidelines. What we decided two weeks ago isn’t necessarily appropriate today.” This is sound guidance for financial institutions as you navigate this uncharted territory.


Show users the transactions and tasks they can do digitally

Advise your users of the digital banking features that make it easier to bank right now. Remember, many of your users may be accessing digital for the first time, while others may need a reminder of all the convenient, self-service features you offer. Reinforce the features and tools available through your online banking and mobile apps.

For example, let them know they can deposit checks using your mobile app from wherever they are, or that they can easily make payments with Zelle®. Let them know your digital banking chat feature is available to connect them to a banker for live assistance.


For messaging samples, download our

Communicate additional ways your financial institution is offering support

While the way they interact at the branch may have changed temporarily, for many consumers and businesses, the branch remains an essential component of their financial lives—for obtaining cash for their business or transacting through a drive-up teller.

If you continue to offer the ability to conduct complex transactions at your branches—through expanded drive-up services or access to Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) or video tellers—be sure to reinforce this using multiple channels, which could include:

  • Digital and social channels
  • IVR on-hold messaging
  • Call center scripts
  • ATM/ITM screens
  • Branch door or drive-thru signage

Don’t forget to share if you’re offering assistance like waived fees, delayed payment options or funding assistance for small businesses.

There are many unknowns right now—but what we do know is that banks and credit unions need to maintain connections with their customers and members during these unprecedented times.

Helping them navigate this new normal by communicating and reinforcing the tools, services and support you offer will play an important role in maintaining and strengthening your relationships for years to come.


NCR is here to help

NCR is committed to helping financial institutions of all sizes navigate the many challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. For more information—please contact NCR. 

Our banking solutions experts are in the trenches with our customers, working hard to help provide guidance, solutions and recommendations.

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