Help your banking staff handle basic first line ATM maintenance tasks to help maintain uptime

Published March 24, 2020

As countries around the globe report going into some level of lock down to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many bank and credit union branches are closing temporarily. Providing access to cash and financial services is a critical part of a country’s operating infrastructure, however, so keeping ATMs serviced and well-supplied with cash has become a priority for many financial institutions.

Traditionally, around 50% of the world’s ATMs receive first line maintenance service from third parties. But in this time of reduced contact and restricted movement, it can be helpful to empower your branch staff to deliver basic first line ATM maintenance tasks to maximize uptime.

Tips to maintain high availability for your ATMs
For branches that are remaining open, here are a few ways your staff can help keep your self-service channel up and running:

  • Review your ATM service manual with your staff to refresh their knowledge of basic preventative maintenance activities.
  • Have your staff brush up on paper handling. Ensure they know how to replenish paper and receipt rolls, and properly remove any jams.
  • Replenish your ATM with new bills where possible to help prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria that may linger on paper currency.
  • Clean customer and service touchpoints properly. This includes customer-facing screens and keypads in addition to service surfaces, such as rack handles and cassettes. Get the NCR hardware cleaning guide.


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