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Your checklist for driving digital banking adoption

Published March 23, 2020

Digital banking provides a key opportunity for banks and credit unions to engage with their users that no other channel can offer. In fact, consumers who use digital banking have higher retention rates, own more deposit and loan accounts, make more debit card purchases and generate higher revenue than their offline counterparts.  

Are you making the most of your marketing programs to maximize digital banking adoption? Below is our checklist of tactics and practices you can use to assess your efforts. You can also download the checklist here.



Digital Channels

Are you using your website to promote awareness of digital banking?

Dedicated solution page
Do you have a page on your site showing the benefits of online and mobile banking?

Educational materials
Have you posted “how to” guides, FAQs and/or videos for digital banking on your website?

Online banking
Are you using ad and messaging space to communicate new features and promote your app?

Mobile navigation
Do you call attention to new features in your mobile navigation with custom icons and text?

Email communications
Do you send regular emails to users to promote digital banking or specific features?

App store reviews
Do you ask your satisfied users (including staff) to rate your mobile app or submit reviews?

Social media
Do you promote digital banking, new features or educational content on Facebook or Twitter?


Traditional Channels

Have you included a message to enroll in digital banking or to download the mobile app?

Call center
Can your employees educate callers on digital banking or address questions they may have?

ATM screens
Do you take advantage of your ATM screens as advertising space for digital banking?

Branch signage
Do you have in-branch signage promoting digital banking?

In-branch education
Is your staff trained to educate users on how to enroll in digital banking or download the app?

Paper statements
Do you use monthly statement mailers to include materials that promote digital banking?

Direct mail and print
Have you created printed materials to use as mailers or handouts in the branch?


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