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June 15, 2020

Physical distancing could last well into 2021. Meanwhile, financial institutions (FIs) are looking for new ways to maintain the face-to-face connection their customers value while reducing physical contact, proximity and cash and check handling. In this new world, FIs are finding that Interactive Teller Machines can provide the ideal solution  as they re-think their branch and self-service strategies.

The ITM enables customers to talk to a teller via two-way video at the ATM and conduct complex transactions they’d usually handle in the branch or lobby, all from a walk-up ATM or even the safety of their car. In fact, ITM tellers can perform 95% of the customer transactions they do in the branch, all through the convenience of self-service. ITMs also can extend teller hours – providing consumer access to banking services when the branch is closed or when it’s convenient to them. Learn how Capital City Bank increased ITM usage by 31% in one month alone during the pandemic.

With this as part of their self-service technology stack, banks and credit unions can migrate a greater number of transactions to digital channels. ITMs also offer faster transaction times while helping optimize in-branch labor costs, improving both efficiency and the bottom line. And, during the pandemic, the technology has enabled financial institutions to maintain business continuity while ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers and staff.

Here are two examples of how NCR banking customers are using ITMs to maximize customer connection during the last few months:

First Community Bank - When First Community Bank launched their new Interactive Teller service back in February, no one could have foreseen how quickly the ITMs would prove so vital to their service network. Now, their ITMs provide a way for customers to get personal assistance while practicing social distancing. First Community Bank used their website to let customers that they're still open, listing several options to interact remotely, including via their ITMs.

BankPlus - BankPlus moved from an on-premise call center model to having five tellers working from their homes, thanks to the flexibility of the ITM technology. As part of their business continuity response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to use their ITM investment to maintain physical distancing—while still delivering the personal service their customers have come to expect. With five remote video tellers successfully supporting their network of 35 ITMs, BankPlus has ensured their customers still have access to the essential banking services they need, helping drive loyalty and customer satisfaction. Read more here.

Associated Credit Union -Just trialing ITMs when the pandemic hit, they’ve since gone from two to 10 machines and increased tellers from 7 to 23.  These tellers have now transitioned to working from home and extended service hours. Heiwote Tadesse, SVP of Member Relations comments:  “If we didn’t have the ITM technology, we wouldn’t be able to function nearly as well in the current environment” –  with Heiwote Tadesse, SVP of Member Relations at Associated Credit Union, to find out how they’re handling the disruption read our Q&A .

With a wide range of functionality, ITMs provide an ideal solution for FIs to maintain that crucial customer connection. 

  • Extended teller hours
  • Routine transactions migrated to the ITM – freeing up tellers to deliver value-added services
  • Enhanced transaction capabilities
  • Face to face communication
  • Lowered cost and increased productivity
  • Excellent and consistent customer experiences

As social distancing guidance looks to remain in place as part of a new normal, NCR’s ITM technology enables financial institutions to continue to have that personal, face to face interaction with customers at the physical banking channel.

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