BankPlus uses at-home video tellers to keep customers connected

Published April 14, 2020

During the ongoing global health crisis, banks are turning to technology to maintain business continuity while protecting their customers and employees. Consumers are also using tech to stay connected, turning to digital communication channels such as two-way video chat to work remotely and catch up with friends and family—and getting more comfortable with the technology by the day.

This is good news for financial institutions who are moving to two-way video banking to help avoid long lines and crowding at branches. It’s also great for consumers who are finding that technologies like NCR’s Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) enable them to accomplish 95% of transactions they’d usually handle inside the branch—through a video screen.

Even with the technology, however, the ongoing physical distancing mandates see banks and credit unions getting creative to optimize their customer interactions, including two-way video operations. For example, a traditional ITM model uses a central call center where multiple tellers sit and remotely interact with customers over video. But while customers are at a safe distance, the tellers still have to gather in a single location, which isn’t ideal during the coronavirus outbreak.

One of NCR's long-time ITM customers, BankPlus, found a way around the problem. They moved from an on-premise call center model to having five tellers working from their homes, thanks to the flexibility of the technology. As part of their business continuity response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to leverage their ITM investment to support physical distancing—while still delivering the personal service their customers have come to expect. 

Before implementing the temporary new model, BankPlus first needed to determine which of their video tellers had the appropriate home environment to allow for successful customer experiences. They looked for tellers who had an internet connection with reliable 10mbps upstream/downstream bandwidth, appropriate lighting, ample desk space and the ability to work without distractions from family, pets and ambient noise. 

Employees who met the criteria received an “ITM from home” kit that included a branded backdrop, laptops configured with the required applications, external monitors and headsets to support their two-way interactions. All activity runs through the bank's VPN, ensuring the same levels of security and reliability. 

With five remote video tellers successfully supporting their network of 35 ITMs, BankPlus has ensured their customers still have access to the essential banking services they need, helping drive loyalty and customer satisfaction—right along with business continuity.

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