4 strategies for driving personalization in a digital-first world

Published August 6, 2020

Demand for digital-first experiences continues to rise, and many banks and credit unions recognize the need for laser-focus in order to differentiate their digital presence and compete. 

A recent NCR study found that 85% of financial institutions surveyed believe it is important or critical to have a differentiated digital solution compared to their competitors. One survey respondent said, “Being able to present the right tools at the right times in the right ways for our consumers is not only great customer service, but it's the only way banks are going to remain relevant with future generations.”

Yet, just under half of banks and credit unions believe they offer a differentiated solution compared to their peers.

So, how do we solve for the personalization gap? How do financial institutions go beyond the basics to tailor their experience and customize content to differentiate their digital presence? 

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Listen to the NCR and Financial Brand webinar recording for strategies for driving differentiated experiences through personalization including:

  • Step one: identify the challenges you are trying to solve
  • Step two: identify the data sources that will inform your challenges  
  • Step three: evaluate your data  
  • Step four: determine how to reach and influence your users

Industry experts offering rich personalization

Several NCR partners and industry experts offer a wealth of opportunities for creating personalized digital experiences.

MX allows end users to aggregate data and understand their spending patterns and behaviors. This rich data enables institutions to users better understand their users and provide more personalized products and offers

Pulsate’s technology leverages location-based data to drive personalization through geofencing and beacons—giving financial institutions the ability to deliver real-time marketing offers and messages based on location. 

Sensibill, a leader in digital receipt management and an NCR partner since March 2019, allows users to capture and manage receipts from their mobile app—translating granular purchase data into easily usable information for financial institutions to better personalize products and offers. Read about how Chase is using digital receipt management to make returns, track spending and manage their financial health.

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