24/7 Transactions: How to keep up with your customers and compete

Confidently address seven key payment challenges your financial institution faces today and into the future

Prepare your business for market changes and growing customer needs by staying up-to-date with next-generation technology. New systems and methods simplify payment processing and boost benefits, allowing you to cross everything from ensuring high availability to securing data off your To Do list. 

Archive milestones while saving time, money and effort. Click the icons below to see how you can strengthen benefits and simplify your processing approach. In a hurry? Download our infographic to learn everything you need to know about Payment Processing Strategy.

High Availability

HP Non-Stop ™ isn't the only option anymore. New payment processing technology delivers more flexibility and cost-effective performance.


Upgrading to cloud-based technology can help reduce data center costs, scale systems and securely store customer information

Modern Card Processing

Take an agile approach to today's complex payments business. Modern card processing is adaptable and customizable, so you can conduct business with flexibility.

Real-Time Payments

Provide more reliable service for tackling high-volume activity and lower-value transactions by enabling immediate payments between accounts.

Open Banking

Take advantage of third-party apps that simplify web service connections and expand your handling options

Modernizing the ATM Experience

By offering more ATM options like contactless transactions, biometric authentication and access to web services, you can meet evolving expectations.


Industry demands are surpassing silo-based technology. Legacy infrastructure is now being replaced with future-focused systems that allow for new services and functions.