Payment & Transaction Processing

Solve your top payments system challenges today and tomorrow while delivering the frictionless, "always on" experience consumers demand.

Break free from the siloed, legacy systems that are holding you back.

Some customers pay only with plastic. Some wave their phones at the ATM or POS. Others transfer money to friends with an app in real time. Yet others use a smartwatch. And nearly everyone shops online. With all the different payment channels, one thing is clear: consumers expect to make payments and move money when, where and how they want.

To meet the demand, financial institutions have to break free from the siloed, legacy systems that are holding them back. And at NCR, we make it easy.

Sanborns, a Mexican retailer, who use Authentic to process regular card payments and a wide variety of special transactions. These include ‘corresponsal banking’ — providing full banking services in their stores for their partner bank, handling payments for airline reservations booked over the phone, activating gift cards and staff clock-in and clock-out transactions. All this was created by NCR’s distributor in Mexico using the inherent flexibility of Authentic.

NCR Authentic is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for today's fast-changing payments business. Whether you’re an acquirer, issuer, central switch, bank or processor handling card transactions, alternative payments or real-time payments, Authentic offers the flexibility and agility you need to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovations. 

Certified as PA-DSS compliant, and benchmarked at 10,000 transactions per second, Authentic is designed to put you in control of your payments environment while giving you functionally rich, secure, resilient and scalable performance you can count on to grow your business:

  • Operate a multi-faceted payments business from a single platform
  • Accept any type of transaction from any device, source or system, authorize and authenticate it, and route it to any destination
  • Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support, as well as compliance with current and future EMV standards and contactless and mobile payment types
  • Can be deployed in cloud environments as well as a traditional data centre environment

“With the help of Authentic, Cuscal will truly own its payments platform and will be able to independently control the future functionality of the switch without recourse to the system vendor.”


Customer Story

Bottomline Technologies use Authentic for its Faster Payment Gateway offering used by challenger banks.

Real time payments

Offer instant, 24/7 payments between bank accounts so your institution can participate in the real-time payments environment.

High availability

NCR enables your institution to deploy high availability on standard, non-proprietary hardware with solutions benchmarked at over 10,000 TPS.

Customer Story

A global card network uses Authentic as the technology to drive its acquiring and switching service, handling over 8 billion transactions per year.

Customer Story

Open banking

Leverage our open platform to deliver innovative applications and services, and execute payment transactions around the world.


Transaction processing systems for payments are a critical part of your financial system infrastructure — and your customer experience. When it comes to migrating to a new platform, failure isn’t an option.

Customer Story

ANZ deployed Authentic in New Zealand to replace their BASE24 system which handled about 500 ATMs and provided authorization of their card transactions.  They’re now implementing Authentic in Australia — a much larger system where they’re using the cloud to provide flexibility in creating test and QA systems.

Customer Story

Cumberland Building Society, in the UK, who look to provide full service banking to their customers, use Authentic for their debit card processing and ATM driving as well as the 24x7 platform to process and authorize transactions for their internet and mobile banking platforms.

Modern card processing

NCR’s Authentic payments solution supports traditional card channels as well as newer sectors and new transaction authorization.


Deploy your applications in the cloud with NCR payments solutions that are built using Java technology, helping you increase agility and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Story

Thanks to NCR's biometric authentication technology that uses pattern-recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns to identify and verify individuals, Commercial Bank added another level of authentication and security to the ATM channel.

Customer Story

NoteMachine, an independent ATM deployer, decided to bring in-house their ATM acquiring and switching functions and are now using Authentic to drive their network of ATMs.

Modernize the ATM experience

Deliver the extended ATM functionality your customers expect, from contactless transactions to managing cash and check transactions in real time to video teller integration.

Your bank, made simple. Get started now.