NCR Sense

Need a flexible and cost-effective digital banking solution for your customers?

The next generation digital banking accelerator you can launch and operate as a service meeting your customers needs fast.


NCR Sense is a next generation digital banking accelerator, providing Financial Institutions SaaS platform to launch and operate digital banking services and propositions.

  • Quick and cost-effective to deploy
  • Flexibility to connect to common core banking services
  • Feature rich designed to delight retail and business customers


The app that has it all

From seamless onboarding through to holistic financial management and in-app support, NCR Sense is your end-to-end that has it all.

  1. Digital onboarding and card management
    Quick, seamless setup and biometric login. Connectivity to perform ID&V and credit checks as well as supporting migration of existing customers.
  2. Aggregation and control of finances
    Account management in one place via Open Banking. Transactions enriched with merchant data and storage of digital receipts.
  3. Budgets tracking and categorization
    Identification of customers’ needs and wants. Provision of budget goals. Ringfencing funds to pots and coin jars. Automated sweep rules.
  4. Targets, insights and notifications
    Creation and management of spending and saving targets. Relevant insights based on customers’ preferences and behaviors.
  5. Financial health and resilience analysis
    Forward view of cashflow and the tools to ‘stress test’ to help customers with their financial resilience and plan significant expenses.
  6. In-app tools to help manage businesses
    Integration with third-party accounting software. In-app expense and invoice management. Insights and call-to-actions to help run small businesses.
  7. Connectivity to wider financial products
    Connections to other financial products marketplaces, to partners who provide offers and discounts, and to other merchants for personalised, curated experiences.


API-based accelerator to fast-track development of Open Banking capabilities and digital banking environments
Cloud native, core agnostic, highly configurable and compliant with latest security standards
Delivered fully managed “as-a-service” to minimize your business and technology costs
Supported by experts who provide critical software, infrastructure and services that touch more than 1 billion end customers every single day

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