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NCR VOYIX Interactive

Bringing flexibility and choice to Self-service with a cloud-based banking solution

The next generation of ITM technology that connects the customer and improves the experience

What is NCR VOYIX Interactive?

As part of our Digital-First platform, NCR VOYIX Interactive gives you the ability to provide remote teller service and assistance for customers who choose Self-service.  Based on a modern API based architecture, NCR Interactive combined with enhanced Self service offers the consumer an extended set of transactions at the ITM plus the choice to call for assistance at any stage of their transaction.

The challenge: The demand for a better experience

The role of the branch is changing, with greater focus on Self-service Financial Institutions need to re-think what their branch strategy looks like.  Consumers demand more from their financial provider at a time and a place that suits them.  The teller’s role is changing too, with more focus on consulting and less counting cash it’s the perfect time to optimize branch staff enabling them to add more value.

The Solution: A modern flexible approach to empower your customer.

NCR VOYIX is providing the next generation of Self-service by combining assistance on demand and enhanced Self-service technology.  With NCR Interactive you have the capability to offer more services remotely in more locations.  By deploying ITM technology as part of your branch transformation strategy you can offer your customers an alternative banking experience to the traditional in-branch model. Consumers have the power to switch from Self-service to assisted Self-service at the touch of a button.

Assistance On Demand

With the touch of a button, assistance on demand allows a consumer access to a teller at anytime during a Self-service transaction. This can scale from simply providing guidance through to teller driven control.  NCR VOYIX Interactive reduces in-branch traffic which allows branch staff to focus on advisory and sales engagements.  By taking it one step further and integrating their contact centers it’s now possible to utilize resources which will reduce IT costs, optimize branch staff, and create operational efficiencies across the entire branch network.

Enhanced Self-Service

Enhanced Self-service removes legacy constraints and switch dependencies at the same time reducing switch fees.  This enables you to stand out from your competitors by offering a better consumer experience with a customizable HTML5 based interface. With a single point of reporting for all ITM transactions combined with a simplified reconciliation interface you can develop more transactions quickly and easily.

Channel Services Platform

This is all possible thanks to NCR VOYIX’s Channel Services Platform, our first cloud-ready, API-first ecosystem that allows our customers to provide seamless connected, personalized experiences that consumers demand as they move in and out of digital and physical channels.  Designed to replace aging retail banking systems, Channel Services helps you unify your systems driving innovation while removing cost and complexity.

Your digital-first strategy, made simple.

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