Imaging & RDC

Give your customers the gift of time with fast deposits

Quick, convenient check imaging and depositing—anywhere, anytime.


  • Cloud-based imaging technology solution offering shared scanning and software containers
  • Single enterprise hub supporting shared services across channels for flexibility in managing deposits and risk using deposit limits, business rules, duplicate detection, research and reporting
  • Secure, flexible, and convenient options available 24x7 using mobile, online, ATM
  • Enables the migration of transaction cost away from physical channels to digital online and mobile channels   


Cloud containerized deployment

  • Using containers allows faster, easier application delivery to keep your RDC offers up to date and beating competitors to market
  • Easily manage scalability and load balancing management adjusting to your RDC processing needs

Reduce costs—often up to 50%

  • Automating the image capture process reduces errors and lowers transaction processing costs using digital channels

Increase deposits

  • Each channel helps you attract and target different customer segments using technology they prefer such as mobile for commercial and small business clients

Seamless experience

  • Integrated directly with your online and mobile offers, customers experience a consistent look and feel with other digital banking app features

Enhanced security

  • From single-sign on to customizable role-based permissions, NCR supports you with advanced security capabilities and web-based access to administration tools to control your risk.

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