NCR ATM Marketing

Personalize. Engage. Measure.

NCR’s end to end marketing solution that enables you to communicate and personalize the customer experience


  • Offer your customers a personalized, digital-first experience that allows them to set ATM preferences from their phone
  • Drive your promotional communications from creation, through the approval process, and onto publishing and delivery across your ATM network. 
  • Offer your customers a digital first experience where ATM preferences can be set from their phone to deliver the personalized experience, consumers have come to expect
  • Engage with your customers through focused and personalized messaging based on geography, locations, and type of device
  • Help you generate revenue through timely adverts and stand out from your competitors
  • Attract new customers through modern advertising and new technology
  • Measure the effectiveness of your content by tracking with real-time analytics that can be easily defined via Enterprise Servers
  • Promote your content to your devices at the touch of a button without requiring no software distribution tools

Use your customer knowledge to create exceptional experiences

Marketing teams want to deliver targeted campaigns and promote tailored offers to their customers like: 

  • Insurance Renewal
  • Debit Card Upgrade
  • Loans
  • Corporate Communications
  • Credit card limit enhancements

A trusted solution that makes your brand stand out from YOUR competitors and allows You to focus on YOUR customer’s needs. Now you can:

  • Build relationships
  • Build your brand
  • Create exceptional experiences


Single solution offering end to end marketing capability from creation through approval process and onto publishing of content to the ATM
Offering powerful preference capability
The only ATM Marketing solution on the market available in a SaaS format*
Built-in integration with NCR Digital Banking, enabling customers to set their preferences online or from their mobile banking app

*SaaS only currently available in NAMER

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