NCR ITM Benchmarking and Optimization Reports

Power Your Growth with NCR's ITM Benchmarking and Optimization Reports

Data-driven intelligence delivered to leverage insights and dive deep into the key performance metrics and see how you stack up.

Are you looking at the right numbers?

  • How do you currently measure your ITM channel performance and operational efficiency?
  • What are you doing to understand and maximizing the usage of your ITMs?
  • Have you identified channel pain points and areas for improvement?

Align your strategy based on customer experience.

Through identifying opportunities to improve in investment and gleaning insights into customer experience, you are equipped to transform transaction level data into true growth opportunities.

ITMs enhance the customer experience of your branch -- transforming banks with humanized technology and providing end users with the flexibility, convenience and 24/7 support they need. Ultimately, ITM underutilization hinders FIs ability to reach rapid growth goals. 

Staying competitive and uncovering opportunities to stay ahead involves identifying what's slipping thought the cracks. ITM data holds powerful information into unlocking results and maximizing the return of your investment.

What's Your Number?

Plan for a better tomorrow.

The ITM Benchmarking and Optimization reports will help define and measure the ITM key performance metrics and operational efficiency by comparing them against other financial institutions. This analysis will be used to dynamically understand how and where the ITM channel can adapt and improve performance. 


Unique Metrics


Monthly Reports


Annual ITM Sentiment Study by Forrester Research

What can we do for you?

Here are some of the improvements noticed by the ITM Benchmarking and Optimization subscribers in the last 12 months:


Increase on the total number of ITMs deployment


Increase on the total number of Remote Teller Transactions


Increase on total number of ITM transactions (Completed ATM + Remote Teller)

Example reports

The Voice of our Subscribers

“We use these reports to create a consistency around data performance, data highlights to show what our ITMs and remote tellers are doing and where they can improve.”
EVP, Bank in the Southeast

Are you asking the right questions?

NCR worked with Forrester Research to conduct an ITM Sentiment Study. This annual ITM Sentiment Study is currently available to all the ITM benchmarking and Optimization subscribers.

*In partnership with Forrester Research

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