Security Services 

A leading security solution to help protect financial institutions and their clients from the potentially devastating effects of Online and Mobile Banking fraud.

Why invest in fraud-prevention tools?


Security should be at the forefront of every digital banking service provider. As fraudsters find increasingly sophisticated ways to access confidential account information online, no financial institution can afford to disregard getting the right coverage.

Financial institutions should invest in the Anomaly Detection Service to manage risk and support their objectives to compete, grow and scale their business.

The real cost of fraud?
A real fraud attack can lead to considerable financial losses for a financial institution, but in its wake, the attack can leave serious collateral damage, as well.

Why the Anomaly Detection Service?

Solution of Choice

Digital Insight has selected Guardian Analytics’ FraudMAP as their preferred solution for preventing banking fraud and is offering FraudMAP to clients as part of the Digital Insight portfolio.

Strategic partnership

Digital Insight and Guardian Analytics have a formal and long-term strategic partnership that includes reselling and supporting multiple FraudMAP solutions and integrated to work harmoniously with products offered by Digital Insight and our third-party vendors.

Joint roadmap

The two companies have a joint product roadmap to deepen the existing integration and add automation capabilities.

Proven integration, deep expertise

FraudMAP is proven in the market with hundreds of companies implemented and trillions of dollars protected. With the Digital Insight and Guardian Analytics partnership, we can deliver this solution with the ease and experience you’re accustomed to.

Simplified vendor management

Financial institutions can now work with one provider, Digital Insight, for comprehensive digital banking products and the fraud-prevention services that secure them.

Protects account holders without affecting their Online Banking experience. It allows financial institutions to detect account compromise, suspicious online activity, fraudulent payment requests and cross-channel fraud attacks – allowing them to intervene before the money is gone.

The first anomaly detection solution built specifically for the mobile channel, including products such as Mobile Web Banking and Mobile Banking Apps. It uses behavioral analytics to transparently monitor all activity in every Mobile Banking session and identify suspicious activity.

A managed service that prevents fraud without straining a financial institution’s staff. Guardian Analytics’ fraud analysts use the products on the financial institution’s behalf to monitor banking activity. This will reduce losses due to fraud and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.