Support Solutions

Supercharge your engagement strategy with chat, desktop sharing and secure support capabilities.


Connect with customers when they need you most. Our comprehensive suite of support tools help your service teams provide assistance efficiently and securely.

Tier One Premium Support


Tier One Premium Support is the first level of customer service provided to end users of Digital Insight’s Online Banking and Bill Payment products.


Tier One Support is available with the following product options:


• Tier One Online Banking and Bill Payment Support


• Tier One Online Banking Support


• CheckFree Bill Pay Support

Engagement Bundles


Connect with your customers real-time with chat and support solutions, while providing added cross-sell, security, reporting and integration features for administrative staff and agents. When you interact with your customers at their time of need they are more satisfied and have more products and services with you.



Connect with your customers via real-time chat while providing added security, reporting and integration features for admins and agents.


New Security Features:


• Credit Card Pattern Blocking


• Data Masking


• Secure Form PCI Widget


• Security Audit Reporting



New Engagement Functionality:


• Survey Logic


• Data Access API


• Visitor Profiles



Easily help your Online Banking customers with their most complicated tasks by providing live on-screen support. 


With CoBrowse you can:


• Shorten call times to boost efficiency for your contact center


• Increase customer satisfaction with quick resolution to complex tasks


• Make screen-sharing easy and secure for both end users and agents

  • Secure chat within online and mobile banking.
  • Proactive chat for support and cross-sell.
  • Desktop sharing.
  • Secure support email.
  • Solve customer problems more quickly.
  • Initiate sharing through chat or through email.
  • Empower customers with self-service resources.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Provide targeted support.
  • Keep personal information safe.