Admin Platform

The Admin Platform keeps your key digital banking resources at your fingertips. You can access product information, reporting, marketing programs, support services and training - all in one place.

Product Summary


Visibility into your customers’ online activities can provide you with rich, tangible information that can help shape your strategy for growth. Digital Insight’s Consumer Data Files service allows you to leverage Online Banking activity data so you can provide personalized solutions and engage meaningfully with customers for long-term loyalty.


Consumer Data Files 


Gain data-driven insights into your customers’ banking behaviors to strengthen engagement and cross-sell opportunities.





  • Deepen customer relationships – Enhance your current marketing and customer relationship management. The right data helps you better understand your customers’ financial needs and motivations so you can deliver the right solutions.
  • Reduce costs – You have the freedom to automate the download process and cut operational costs.
  • Identify trends – Daily data updates help you track changes and pinpoint strategic opportunities.



How it Works


  • Digital Insight’s Admin Platform allows you to administer access and credentials for Consumer Data Files in one place.
  • Access is easy. Simply choose whether to download the data files from Admin Platform or access the files directly from the file server via Direct Access. You can select one access method or both.





  • Secure data feeds
  • Flexibility to retrieve data via Admin Platform or directly from the file server
  • Daily access to customer profile, product registration and customer account data
  • Digital Banking Administration
  • Marketing Programs
  • Training
  • Product Information
  • Reports/Analytics
  • Experience Design
  • Manage all aspects of your digital banking solution in one place
  • Enhanced cross-sell and end-to-end campaign and offer management
  • Prepare your staff for success
  • Receive timely information on your digital products and services
  • Detailed analytics and reporting help you improve your business
  • Differentiate your offering and promote your brand